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Paul Cameron Collection
Cameron babblings attempting to prove that no part of sexual orientation is innate. We've also got the rebuttals, so get your pencils ready.

About Paul Cameron
A tremendous amount of research went into this comprehensive background and informational study of Paul Cameron and his ideologies.

Rebuttal: Gay Obiturary Study
Factual rebuttal to the infamous and so-called study which claimed a much lower than average life expectancy for gay men.

Rebuttal: Homosexual Behavior and Molestation
Research establishing the fallacy of Cameron's claims that incidents of molestation "cause" homosexuality.

Rebuttal: Medical Consequences of What Homosexuals Do
Olivia Lowe Partridge debunks this aspect of Cameron's mythology bit by imperfect bit.

From Cameron: Born What Way?
Cameron babblings attempting to prove that no part of sexual orientation is innate.

From Cameron: Lifespan Research
An excerpt from an abstract of Cameron's "findings" of the shortened average lifespan for gay men.

From Cameron: Medical Consequences
His most famous and quoted work, his discussion of all the horrible things that can happen to gay men. (Cameron tends to ignore lesbians.)

From Cameron: Same Sex Marriage
Cameron explains why he does not believe that gay and lesbian marriage is until "Death do us part." (Frankly it sounds a lot like the reasons that many heterosexual marriages fail as well.)

From Cameron: What Causes Homosexual Desire and Can It Be Changed?
Amongst his findings is that 12% of gays and lesbians are "that way" because they cannot find an opposite sex partner. Uh-huh.



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