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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Anon 3

Submitted for your consideration. A coming out of another dimension, a dimension of dysphoria, disclosure and determination.

Next stop: gender reassignment.

Kirkland, Washington, October 28, 1985. A typical young, suburban professional couple married 12 years, with two young children, still very much in love with life and marriage, are about to face a turning point. A simple paper invitation is about to leave a cut that lasts a lifetime. The invitation innocently invites the couple to a Halloween party, a social event sure to make new friends and perhaps pose some networking opportunities for the couple newly arrived in the Seattle area.

Halloween parties are, however, creatures of tradition. Tradition says costumes are the order of the day. But what to wear?

Mrs. Suburban Professional proposes a "turnaround" fantasy, she would become a "man" for the night. Mr. Professional would don the "simple black dress," stylish jewelry and other accessories that are so right for the non-Halloween cocktail party. Mr. Professional, however, is reluctant to follow through on this unexpected invitation. Not for the usual manly reasons of insecurity, however. Mr. Professional has for 35 years kept a secret from every human being "he" has ever known. Simply put, Mr. Professional, despite "his" state of fatherhood, husband and "son," has always known that the role model imposed by a doctor 35 years before, was inappropriate, and down right wrong. For decades, Mr. Professional had read, studied and considered this role, had reluctantly accepted and had done everything that would make a "man" of anyone else. All for naught. The insecurity that was there for 35 years had not diminished. If anything it had steadily increased.

Now, the opportunity was offered to unveil the real person, at least for a night. But reluctance overcame opportunity. There was too much at stake here, if something went wrong, it could shatter life as Mr. and Mrs. Professional knew it. Mrs. Professional would have none of the reluctance, however. This was a fantasy, and tonight her fantasy would be brought to reality for at least one night in a safe environment.

Mr. Professional reluctantly agreed to go along. The arms and legs and chest were shaved. The perfumes were applied. The pantyhose surprisingly fit. So did the "borrowed" dress. It was not the first time that this routine was practiced, but it would be the first time it was witnessed by anyone other than a household pet.

Finally, the wig — a Halloween present from Mrs. Professional — was in place. The bathroom door was opened, and for the first time Mascarra-lined eyes saw another human being.

It was not a pleasant surprise.

"There's something wrong here," Mrs. Professional said. "You look far too comfortable."

It was as if a spigot had been opened. The words came out quickly, a history hidden for 35 years was suddenly in the open. The reception was not pleasant. The Halloween Party would go on without the couple. This night would be an end and a beginning. The end of marriage as they knew it. The beginning of a new life, for a new woman.

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