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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Jackie

I am originally from Arkansas, having said that most of you probably already know the upbringing of a southern girl. I was married (yes, to a man) for 6 years. We have 2 beautiful children. It was June '94 when I realized that I needed something more in my my life. I turned to my "on-line" support system. I soon discovered that I was really interested in "talking" to women about same sex relationships. I met this one woman online, Abby, in July '94, we spoke on-line for several months until we finally broke down and called each other. We spoke on the phone for about 2 months before she invited me for a visit. I lived in Virginia and she lived in MA. I said sure, and the kids and I headed for MA. I met her in October '94, I fell in love the same month, I told my husband about it, he dealt with it, even gave me permission provided that he came first. I was trying to deal with that (unsuccessfully). Early December '94 Abby called me and said she was divorcing her husband. She moved out, I announced to my husband that I would be moving in with Abby--in MA with the kids. We went to Arkansas for Christmas, I announced that I was a Lesbian and would be moving in with another woman--I was completely cut off from the family, my husband and I went back to VA, we started the packing process of my things and the kids things and by March of '95, I was living with the one true love of my life. We are still together and we love each other very much. She has 2 kids from her previous marriage and I have my 2 kids and they range in ages from 11, 7, 5 & 5.. The 7 year old is all boy. The rest are girls. We love them all and they get along like brother and sister. They are all very well adjusted to the life style and proud to have 2 moms. I'm still suffering the consequences of being a Lesbian from Arkansas. My parents are still not handling it well. My ex-husband still loves me but wants to kill me at the same time. That's about it.

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