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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Janie

My coming out story was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. I knew I was gay ever since I was 8 years old and I kept it a secret until I was 15, by that time I learned to like men, but my attraction to women was stronger. I had a boyfriend and when I felt I was close enough to him, I told him I was bisexual. He was disgusted by this and within the next few days, we broke it off. He never told anyone, he always respected my privacy and I thank him for that. After that, I played it solo fo a while, not really getting into a relationship. Of course friends of mine knew and it was around the school, but only as a rumor. then the summer before I went into my sophomore year a friend of mine told me that she was a lesbian. I had had attractions to her before, and she knew I was gay, so we went on a few dates, and our relationship got more and more serious. When she applied to my catholic high school, it was mostely to be with me. They accepted her, and we put! our relationship out into the open. We both got a lot of ridicule, hate-mail, the school was informed, ect, ect. We really didn't care as long as we stayed in school . But then all hell broke loose when our parents read e-mail we had been writing to each other. My mom was really upset and still is. Her parents, however, supported her 100%, and I guess that made me a little jealous. Anyways, it is our 6 month annaversary soon (we broke up for a while) and she is taking me to see madam butterfly, she knows I love opera. We still get harrased, and things get a little shakey but we stiil love each other.

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