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Coming Out Stories Gallery - John

I came from a small city and small city also means small minds. For many many years i hide the fact that i know yhat i was gay since my early days.

For many years it was easy to fouls family & friends it was even not fun anymore.

I used to travel all by myself and taking pictures of everything but never the right picture.

So one day i was kind of depress and felt such a bad lyer that i decided to write a letter to my sis hust before i left for another "vacation." I even asked a friend to put the letter in the mailbox 2 or 3 days after my departure.

When i came bacyk i asked my sister if she receive a letter from me and she say yes everything is fine . At the time i was 30 and i have to tell other (mom) and brother. My brother i know that he suspected me for a long time and he's and old fashion way style so we never really talk about it but he knows that's my life.

The major problem was how and when i'm gonna stop telling lies to my mom . She use to come to my place every week to clean the place so i let some magazine very gays in places that she find very easy. The 1st week she put it into the trash without telling or asking me anything. SO i done the same the next week. She finaly asked me the questions if i were gay or not . Ianswered yes ithink i am and nothing will change it (no conselor) or nothing.

She never accept the fact that i'm gay but she never talk about it or trying to match me with girls.

Accepting myself for who i am is a job every day but i think i do better every day and o try ti take the best of it...

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