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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Marc

My story is but a simple but heart-breaking one. - I am 20 and out. I knew I was gay ever since I was 16, (that's when I started to look at guys, in a different angle), I grew up in a small town in western Texas, no more than 2000 people. - But everybody knew everybody. My little town had their own little vocabulary like, for example "Y’all" (You All) and "Usedtacood" (Used to be able to) but "Gay" was not one of them. Nobody dare say that word... It is a SIN everybody said. - So I kept to myself. My parents and family forced me into dating quite early - they were always setting me up with their neighbor’s daughter or friend. - But nobody could ever figure out why relationship after relationship, they never seemed to last. Until one day, about two years ago after I graduated and moved out to Arizona, and decided to actually try a gay-relationship. My first did not work and neither did my second relationship. One of them actually hit me one night, he was drunk and ! thought I was cheating on him (but, I wasn’t). Later on that night he found out not to mess with me, besides ending my relationship with him he also ended up with a couple of bruised ribs and a broken nose. I am a very passive person but he just pushed the wrong button. Anyway, now I am happily in love with the most wonderful guy in the world. His name is Mark (not with a C, like mine). He is so amazing in every way; we were born a couple days and thousands of miles apart. And I guess you could say that destiny brought us together. (We always seem to be finishing each other’s sentences) Now- for the sad part. - Late last year my family traveled from Texas to here Arizona to surprise me. They were to stay for about a week, so we could go do "Fun Family Stuff". Well the next day after showing up my snoopy parents (like always) decided to look around through my room. They found alot of pictures, and proceeded to ask me why I had so many pictures of this other guy and me. W! ell, I proceeded to tell them the truth.... That I was Gay.! .... After a small crying session by my mom and dad decided to go back to their hotel room. The next morning they showed up packed and said their good-byes (only after showing up two days earlier). After that, a couple of days later my father called and yelled at me telling me that I was a disgrace to the family and that I had made my mother very ill. I tried to talk to her, but that only made things even worse. - She told me that all I had ever done was made their life a living hell. She also continued to tell me that I had never been a good son to them, and they will never call me - also she said not to call them again. - Before she hung up the phone, my mother said they would leave me to live my own life, "We have another son to take care of... Maybe, he will make us proud... because lord knows you haven't" and that was it. About a month later my father sent me a letter from my insurance agent canceling my car insurance anything else he had co-signed for me. I don't know if that is their way of getting back at me for what I had done, or their way of ending our relationship. Either way - I will always love them with all my heart. And, hope that one day they will get over it and take me back. But for now, the only word that best describes me is "DISOWNED".....

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