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Coming Out Stories Gallery - MayaLynn Lincoln

Being a high functioning autistic, I always knew I was different. At 16 I realized how more different I was. That was when I realized that I was gay.

It all started when I had a crush on my best friend. I never could explain these crushes, but when I had more crushes on girls, I was to realize that I am gay. I also started to dress like a guy. I did it as a coming out process. I saw a councilor who suggested I go to a support group for gay teens. The group was very supportive. They know I am a gay autistic and yet, they were okay with that. The group made me proud of who I am.

I always had trouble making friends and was picked on a lot. When I came out, the teasing went from being called a "retard" to being called a "retarded queer". I never let teasing get to me. My friends wre not accepting at all. My family though are accepting. My family understands that I was always different and when I came out, they were very understanding. My sister had difficulty though, because everything I did reflected on her. My coming out made her realize that I will always be gay and she should ignore the other kids and love me. She now accepts me for who I am.

Being gay and autistic is who I am. I would never change myself for anyone in the world. This is who I am and being gay made me love myself even more. I am currently in my support group and doing very well with making friends. My coming out helped me deal with social issues that I foun difficult due to my Autism. I believe you are who you are and be proud of yourself. We are very special people. we should be treated like everyone else. I believe if you love yourself for who you are, your life would be perfact. Don't let anyone judge you for who you are. Be yourself. That is all that matters.

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