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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Nancy

I never thought that coming out would be this rough. My parents know about me and have came close to disowning me. When I was thirteen, I was molested by an uncle. Two years later he was finally sentenced to the state pen for six years and three months. Throughout the court process with my uncle, I began to realize that I was begining to like my closest friends a little too much. The begining of my sophomore year in high school I met a forien exchange student (Victoria) from Germany. After careful consideration about telling her I liked her, I gathered up my corage and told her. To my suprise she was lesbian. We went on one date and soon after that every one at school started to suspect that her and I were together. My parents then found out about this and told me that I was not lesbian and that I am very confused because of what happened to me with my uncle. I didn't believe them one bit. Victoria and I kept our love going strong for about another month. At this time I decided to come out to one of my friends. That was one of the biggest mistakes of my life because soon after that the whole school knew about Victoria and I. Victoria and I struggled with this, luckily we were not bothered by the other students. Occasionaly someone would come up to me and ask if I was gay. My reply was don't belive everything you here, eventhough this rumor was true and I was to scared to face the whole school that was located in a small redneck town that didn't take to difference to well. We were together for about two months before she told me she nolonger loved me and my parents forbided me to see her. When I told her it was over I cried for days on end. It felt as if my heart had been ripped from my chest. I'm doing better know. I will always have a place for Victoria in my heart. My parents still belive that lesbian feelings are caused by my uncle, and will do everything in their power to run from my issues.

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