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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Princess

I always tried to be straight. I even got married and had children. But that didn't hide the fact that I am attracted to women- attracted to hell- I love them! My family- no my father is homophobic. He always said that gay people should be corraled up and shot. You can imagine the effect this had on me. I had plenty of opportunities to act on my impulses, girls and women came on to me more than guys ever did. Being the "good little girl" that I was, I hid my true feelings and tried to be the perfect wife, daughter and mother. After almost ten years of marriage to a wonderful man, I had an affair with my best friend. I totally fell in love with her. I felt for the first time what was right- what making love was supposed to feel like. It was like everything I had ever done with men was an act. I have always been a passionate person and thought I was sexually satisfied, I had plenty of orgasims to prove it. But after my first experience with a woman I knew that what I ! had been doing was all wrong for me. I felt so deeply connected- it was so pure! The feelings I had were what everyone said sex was about, nothing like what I ever experienced with men. It just felt "right". I realized that I couldn't make myself be who I wanted to be. Admitting to myself that I was gay was very difficult, but I knew that living the lie I was living was going to kill me. I came out to my husband and left him, taking the children with me. It hurt and it still hurts- I was terrified. But it was the right decision to make. I am now confident in myself, and I understand the importance of living life the way it was ment to be lived, honestly with passsion and love and acceptance for everyone. My dad doesn't understand- he thinks I'm wrong and that I'm wasting my life, he rarely even speaks to me. But others are happy for me, they are happy to see me happy- finally. My ex- well... we are still friends, he tries to understand, which I know is hard for him- he's from texas what more needs to be said. We try to make our new relationship work, I still love him deeply, for the person he is but I can't love him you know "that way". My children know, and they accept it with love. They want me to be happy. I think they have learned how much it can hurt to judge somone because they are different. I hope that they will help this world become a more accepting place. I figure it's not my place to judge- even myself, leave it to God to sort out. For now I have this wonderful person in my life who shares my passion for life and who sees the real me everyday and loves me for it. To anyone out there confused and scared... My advice is, follow your heart to your true self, those that love you will learn to accept you. Those who can't- forgive them.

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