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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Rich

Hi everyone- The story that follows is one that I posted on a newsgroup (soc.youth.support.gay-lesbian-bi) in response to the question "Was anybody really surprised when they found out you were gay?". I recieved alot of emails elling me o post it here.

Yes,it really happend just like I tell it.


"were the people that found out about you being gay all that surprised?"

Wellllll, let me tell you about a little incident that happend to me when I came out to my employees.

The set up:
Employee Christmas Party at a VERY nice(read $$$$)ski resort. I managed an exclusive health spa, and was well liked by my employees. Evidently I was REALLY well liked by my employees as they had a little meeting that I was unaware of. It seems that they had all come to the conclusion that I was a virgin since I never had a girlfriend (I was 22 at the time of this), or spoke of girls, other than just friends....duh, hello.

The Party:
As the party was starting to wrap up, my employees dragged me to the lounge/nightclub at this hotel. They were kinda acting a little weird but I just figured that they had been drinking at the party...wrong.

This bar was just off of the main lobby of the hotel. The place was decorated for the holidays to say the least. Christmas trees were everywhere, covered with lights. Ornaments galore. The grand finale of the decorations was this HUGE gingerbread village that was actually a miniature of the entire hotel and surrounding village. This thing had to have been at least ten feet tall and thirty feet long, it included everything, right down to little mechanized skiers on the gingerbread and frosting mountain.

Well the moment of truth came when we all went out to the lobby. One of my female empoyees came up to me and said "we all know that you're a virgin and were going to fix that tonight" (grins from everyone). She continued "and I'm going to fu** your brains out". Lots of whooping and hollering. I'm sure that I had a look on my face like a deer caught in the headlights. I looked at her and said "well that's awfully nice of you,.....but I'm gay"....stunned silence. Now they all looked like deer in the headlights. At this point she was quite stunned, stumbled backwards, took out the barracades surrounding the gingerbread village and promptly, and quite efficiently fell THROUGH the village backwards. The ENTIRE gingerbread display came crashing down all around her while the lobby was filled with the sound of shattering, solidified frosting, which if you've never heard, sounds exactly like breaking dishes. It was like something out of a comedy at the movies...things flying through! the air, motors sparking, stuff smoking... it was AWESOME! So in the end I would have to answer your question with a resounding "Yes" they were certainly surprised.

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