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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Samanth

I am only realy half way out.

I was 12 when i realised i fancied girls, I had boy who i was friends with but i looked at girls my first kiss was with a girl.

When i was thirteen my best friend emma and i started kissing each other etc emma stayed every weekend My Mum never suspected any thing. This went on for just over a year then she met a boy. I was deverstated we didnt speak again for a long time.

Then I started going to the pub at fifteen and met a friend called jack we became good friends, I still fancied girls but didnt know where to go to meet anyone. Eventualy I stayed with jack as we were such good friend.

We got married had two loverly children. In My heart i still fancied women, I had told him about emma but he just laughted it off.

I am 28 now met my husband at fifteen & just stayed with him for a secure life also i love him as my best friend. But last year something happened i met a woman and had a fling. Then i met another woman who was bi and had a fling with her. But at a party after a lot of drink this woman dicidedthat i should come out & she told my unckle.

My husband has been wonderful but the guilt i am feeling is awful. My uncle told my Mum she was shocked and hurt that i didnt tell her.

I have got to sort out my life now. I feel better as i can be myself now but i am still in the stage wher i could drag everybody down.

My husband has given me the freedom to do as i please as long as i am with him. I don't now how long we will be able to carry on like that but we are just taking a step at a time.

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