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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Travis

I am a 18 year old boy from Auburn, Maine. If you want to Email me about anything at all I can be reached at Crazyhorse8e8@hotmail.com, I am willing to talk to anyone about any gay issues, I have dealt with quite a few. I currently attend Syracuse University (Rm 434).

Now, my coming out story. Hmmmmm. I never really thought I would be writing this. As a little kid I was always bombarded with negative criticism about gays. People made it seem like being gay was a bad thing. I always knew I was a little gay. So, I always kind of felt like there was something wrong. That has changed significantly now though. I know there is nothing wrong with gays, it is just a preference of sex. Most men like women, some don't. I am one of them, big deal! I like to make love to other men, that does not make me a BAD person. No person would ever know unless I told them, so what is the big deal. There isn't one, and that's what you have to realize before you can come out. I realized that two years ago and told each person in my family privately.

It all worked out though; my Mom, Suzanne, was the most accepting. She always had an idea, and she really doesn't think there is anything wrong with loving the same sex. I guess I just really don't see any big deal about being gay, it is just one of millions of preferences people choose. That's it.

Now, I have a new boyfreind, Ben, I met at a school Gay/Lesbien gathering, and we have been going at it for 4 months now. Everything is great, and a lot of people are very supportive. If they're not, we don't care. That's there preference!!! Mine is to kiss Ben, so there.

I'd like to thank the people of this site for keeping it going, stories are adding every day and helping thousands, thanks a lot!!!!

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