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Happy Birthday Mistress!
by The Mistress

Happy Birthday Mistress!

The birthday had passed by several days, yet, candi was fidgeting and anxious over something that had her Mistress wondering what was going on with her girl. The girl had a provided a wonderful celebration on the actual birthday, with close family in for dinner and several gifts, a cake of her Mistress' choice, even with candles to wish on and blow out.

That night the girl had received 53 licks from the crop, which was her Mistress' favorite toy. She counted the whacks, "1, thank You, Mistress, 2, thank You, Mistress, 3, thank You, Mistress, and on, and on, and on. She moaned and groaned as the whacks increased in number and intensity. She had been told that if she forgot to say "Thank You, Mistress," or lost count, that the spanking would start all over, so she was being very careful to concentrate on each smack and "thank You." Sometimes though, she thought she would never make it. She was so wet and she was a squirter too, so she worked hard to keep count and not to orgasm as the spanking was happening. Finally, 53 and "thank You, Mistress!!!"

Mistress then pointed to Her pussy and nodded. The girl scurried to get in position to lick Her Mistress' pussy, something she enjoyed more than anything. This was her reward for the taking the birthday spanking. She began by kissing, licking and nibbling the outside pussy lips. Then her pointed tongue began to invade the inner lips and search for the point of pleasure for her Mistress.

She was a lucky girl as her Mistress allowed her to enjoy being down there for long periods of time. She stuck her tongue in the hole, in and out and then raked up to the clit with her tongue flattened out. When she got to the clit, she kissed and sucked on it and then rolled her face all up and down the pussy to get the wonderful taste and scent on herself. Finally, her Mistress pulled her hair which was a signal to leave that position.

When she sat back, her Mistress said get on My toe. The girl's intake of breath was quick and hard. She knew what was to come. Her Mistress' toe felt wonderful when inside her massaging her insides and then she would raise herself and go back down being fucked by her Mistress' toe. The juices were squirting from her time after time, completely wetting her Mistress' toes and foot.

Mistress motioned for her to lie down beside her. She told her to put her hand on her mound. Never, ever, before coming to this Mistress, had she ever done what she knew was coming next. Her fingers went into the inner lips and her Mistress began to speak as the girl began to rub herself. "You are Mine, this pussy is Mine, these tits are Mine, everything about you is Mine. I want you to come for Me tonight as a birthday gift to Me. I will tell you when and you WILL beg to come for Me."

The girl began to moan and tremble, wondering if she could do all that was directed of her. Mistress took the girl's nipples in hand and began to pull. Electricity went straight from the nipples to the clit. Mistress twisted the nipples and pulled at the same time now. How could she endure this? She began to beg, quietly, then louder, "Mistress, please, please let me come." Her Mistress laughed and pulled harder. "Mistress, PLEASE, let me come." MISTRESS, Please, PLEASE, let me come."

Mistress pulled harder on the nipples, suddenly let go and said "Come for Me, My girl!" The girl arched and moaned and groaned, then suddenly was still, her eyes closed. She cuddled close to her Mistress and listened to her Mistress talk quietly to her about what a good girl she was and how proud She was of her tonight.

Three days later, when they went to the Post Office, there was a pink card in the box. The girl began smiling and giggling. Her Mistress looked at her with a question in Her eyes. The girl laughed and said "Happy Birthday Mistress," and gave Her the package.

When they got home the package was opened and there was a toy in it, a toy with several heads and a long electrical cord. It was called the Eroscillator and recommended by Dr. Ruth. They undressed and put on their matching silk gowns, Mistress in red and the girl in ivory, as they prepared to try out the toy. There had been much play that morning without any actual genital contact. Both were ready to play more.

The girl began by sucking her Mistress's nipples, something both enjoyed. Then she slid down to her Mistress' pussy and began to lick Her to get Her wet. Her tongue played from her Mistress's asshole to Her clit, back and forth, in and out, licking , nibbling, and kissing. Her Mistress then turned her body until Her ass was on the edge of the bed with Her legs spread apart and propped on things to make it easy for Her to stay in that position. The girl began licking again and her Mistress moaned as she touched Her clit with her tongue. Then a very quiet buzz began. Mistress felt something new touch Her clit and did it ever feel good. Her pussy lips were stretched open and the clit was full in view and easy to get to. The girl put two fingers in her Mistress' pussy hole, began to fuck Her and used the toy on Her clit. Before too long, Mistress was saying "Yes, yes, that is it." She moaned and began to arch Her body to get more and more. Her breathing was heavier and heavier and finally She orgasmed, something She had not done in some time.

She pulled the girl to Her and held her telling her that she was very pleased with Her new birthday gift. Mistress put a new head on the Eroscillator and spread Her girl's legs. This one was called the cup. It was for use on the clit and could be inserted also. Mistress began to use it on the girl's clit and the juices started squirting. Then She lowered it and stuck it inside the girl, massaging, and pulling it out and pushing it back in. She massaged everything She could reach and the girl was wildly moaning and moving around. Then the toy was placed on the clit again. Mistress moved it up and down and all around. Once again, she said, not until I say so. The girl knew what that meant. She was trembling with need and desire to come. Her Mistress told her that she was a lovely girl, a sexy girl, a hot girl and that she was Hers. This made the girl arch higher and begin to beg. She begged till she thought she would burst if she did not come. Finally, Mistress said, "NOW!" The girl exploded and covered her Mistress with her juices. She licked the juices off her Mistress and cuddled up with her Mistress, fell asleep with a smile on her face and thinking "Happy Birthday, Mistress..."

Take a look at the Eroscillator:

The only sensual product endorsed and recommended by Dr. Ruth

Dr. Ruth recommended

Or the male version, the Ooh La La:

Ooh-la-la 4

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