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The Conference
by The Mistress

I had forty more miles to drive to get to the meeting and do My presentation. This was My job, different presentation, different day. I was listening to the radio as I knew I needed nothing to psyche Me for the meeting. I pushed the tape of Enigma in the player and let My mind wander. It had been some time since I had "played" with a submissive and I was beginning to get needy.

My last submissive had been let go a few months ago. She had been excellent but things just didn't work out in the end. She had a real problem with the same gender as to her religious beliefs. This was something I was not about to tackle so I released her. Now, I felt I was ready to begin the search again. I live in the bible belt so it was no easy task to find what I need and wanted in My lifestyle of D/s.

Thoughts of sensual spanking, butt plugs, strap-ons, took over as I drove. I was bisexual by nature so the gender did not enter My choice in a submissive. What mattered more to Me was honesty, loyalty, communication, respect, and trust. Looks and gender were icing on the cake. I preferred larger submissives but would consider smaller, thinner submissives if they had the qualities I desired.

The exit for the meeting was upon Me before I knew it. I made the turn and found a parking place. Thoughts of D/s were placed in the back of My mind as it was work time again. I was always looking but never seriously in My own locale. The people I met through work were not likely to be into D/s since we lived in a very rural and conservative part of the state. I got out of the truck and locked the doors. I carried nothing with Me except the calendar for further booking as I was a very busy Woman. I greeted everyone and as soon as the meeting began took the floor and started My presentation, one that I had done so many times, I needed no prompts. The attendees listened and asked questions as they were wont. Answers rolled off My tongue and they were satisfied. Now was the time for Me to take a seat, hope the meeting wouldn't last much longer and then drive back to My office.

I sat at the bar listening half heartedly to the person who had taken the floor of the meeting after I had done My presentation. I was drinking water and motioned the boy to bring Me a Diet Pepsi as I knew lunch would soon be served. The boy was dark and had black hair, muscular with tight jeans. He smiled as he served the soda to Me. Hmmmmm, possibility?

Another day...another meeting I sighed in My mind. I had dressed casually for this meeting in My black jeans, black sweater and black half boots with a small heel. The jeans were snug and I knew the bathroom would see more of Me today than usual. Not only would I have to relieve Myself of liquids to endure the tightness of the jeans, but the crotch of them rubbed My slit quite effectively. I would have orgasm for sure if this kept up. Not that I minded that, just would have preferred a tongue making Me feel this way.

The meeting adjourned and orders for lunch was taken. I half listened to the buzz behind Me of the attendees and to the coordinator sitting beside Me trying to tell Me of her woes from her office. Then someone said, "Hey, today is Gena's birthday!" The crowd quieted somewhat as people wished her a happy birthday on an individual basis. I turned around and said loudly, "Gena, where are you?" A thin, rather demurely dressed girl in a black wool suit, with long permed dark hair stood and looked at Me. I said, "OK gang, let's do it!" and began to sing Happy Birthday. Everyone joined in and Gena blushed as she smiled her thanks.

Later, I saw the girl talking to the director of the program. I walked over and wished her a happy birthday. She lowered her eyes as I spoke to her. She smiled and said, "Thank you Ma'am." I asked her laughingly, "Who will give you your birthday spanks lil girl?" She replied softly," No one Ma'am." I told her with a smile that I would be glad to give them to her. She blushed quickly and looked as if she would drop through the floor at My comment, yet there was a look in her eyes that told Me, she was just shy. She smiled and I walked back to My stool.

Lunch was served by the boys of the restaurant. When the boy with the tight jeans approached Me with My plate, he smiled and his eyes twinkled. I rubbed My hand over his ass cheeks and slapped one sharply. He grunted and I noticed his bulge get slightly larger from the slap on his ass. I whispered, "Thanks lil boy" in his ear before he left to finish serving the others.

My jeans were getting to Me so I strolled into the bathroom, feeling as if I would burst, from all the water and diet Pepsi I had consumed. I unbuttoned My black jeans and started into the larger stall when I heard the door open. Damn! I had hoped for some relief as I was aching with My lips swollen and pouty looking no doubt. I turned to see who it was and sure enough, the birthday girl was right behind Me. I smiled and said hello to her. She in turn, lowered her eyes and said quietly, "Ma'am, I would love for you to give me my birthday spanks."

Well, well, well, I thought. I chuckled and motioned her into the large stall with Me. I finished taking My jeans down and released the flood of liquid in Me. I left My jeans down and motioned her to lower her pants, bend over My knees and spread her cheeks. She did as I told her which left her long hair hanging down by My legs. I began by caressing her ass cheeks. They were small and firm. I knew they would burn with the spanks she had coming to her. She wiggled her ass and raised it slightly. I knew she wanted to feel the pain and pleasure I could give her.

I asked, "How many years, lil one?" She replied, "Thirty two Ma'am." She was trembling from the thoughts of the spanking I am sure, but more so at the thoughts of being caught in a public restroom in this situation. I on the other hand was turned on by the possibility of being seen publicly with a submissive. She raised her ass further in the air. I knew she was needy and would never get these spanks probably if I didn't give them to her.I felt her nipples on he smallish breasts she sported. They were hard and she moaned at My touch.

I raised My hand to begin the swats with her being instructed to count and say "Thank you Ma'am every fourth smack. Smack..Smack..Smack..Smack! "Thank you Ma'am", she said quietly. Smack..Smack..Smack..Smack! "Thank you Ma'am", she said a little louder. Smack..Smack..Smack..Smack! "Ttthank you Ma'am", she quivered now as she thanked Me. Smack..Smack..Smack..Smack!

The door opened to the bathroom and she tucked her long legs as well as she could up from the floor and whispered,"Thank you Ma'am." We could hear the two women preparing to use the stalls next to us and Gena trembled with fear, or was it anticipation? I caressed her reddened cheeks and raked My nails over them while waiting to resume the spanking. When My nails went over her hot cheeks she muffled a yelp and nearly jumped off My knees, it shocked her so. The women left the bathroom and she calmed down, let her feet hit the floor again. We could hear then talking and wondering where Gena had went to.

The girl on My knees was as needy for this as any submissive I had ever dealt with. I had known her for a few months through meeting we both attended but never thought of her a possibility to play with as she was showing Me today. She wiggled more and I knew what she wanted . I took My time as this was My pleasure first and hers secondary. I raised My hand once more. Swack..Swack..Swack..Swack!! "Yeow, Thank you Ma'am" she squeeked. Swack..Swack ..Swack..Swack!!! "THANK You Ma'am." She yelped. Her ass was getting red with these harder smacks. Smack..Smack..SMACK!!!! THANK You Ma'am", she yelped louder. SMACK..SMACK..SMACK..SMACK!!!!! THANK YOU MA'AM!" were the words I wanted to hear and did hear. Her ass was quite red by now and still in the air. I caressed her ass softly and then raked My nails over them as I had done before. She moaned loudly and said "Oh gawd Ma'am."

The tears were streaming down her cheeks and she wiggled on My knees with pleasure. I could feel the wetness between her thighs on My thighs. I stood her up in front of Me and put My hand between her thighs as she opened them readily. She was wet to the point of her juices dripping down her thighs. I found her button and massaged it hurriedly as I knew she was almost there. Her eyes were glazed and she moaned with desire. I fingered her hole and went back to the love button which was hard and so wet from My fingers that had been in her hole. She began to buck her pelvis and moan rather loudly, forgetting where she was in the public bathroom. Nothing mattered to her now but the certain release she was feeling. "Yesssssssss, oh Yessssssssss. oh gawd YESSSSSSSSSS!!!" burst from her lips as her legs buckled beneath her.

She leaned toward Me as I stood and I recieved her thankful body unto Mine. I held her as she trembled and soothed her with calming words. I kissed her lips gently and licked her behind her ear, murmuring that she had pleased Me today. I caressed her back and her ass once more. She quietened and I raised her from My body. She looked at Me and whispered, "Thank You so much Ma'am." I nodded, smiled and motioned her to leave Me. As I left he bathroom, I noticed three men at a nearby table watching Me walk back to the bar. Expressions of awe were on their face and I knew they had heard us, knew what had happened for the most part and wished it were them instead of Gena, the birthday girl.

I strolled back to My stool with a grin and sat down. The meeting was breaking up and people were leaving. I felt someone by My side and looked around to see Gena there waiting to be acknowledged. I smiled and she asked. "Will you be here for the next meeting Ma'am?" I smiled and put My hand on her thin arm, "You betcha babe!!

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