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Religious Right Archives
Keeping track of the Religious Right in our very special way

AFA after Campbell's Soup's New Ad
Gays are still good business. Wildmon and the AFA are annoyed. Happy Holidays indeed!

More Obstacles
Hate Mail
• Gays for God - World Wide Listings
• The Episcopal Church and Us
The Westboro Baptist Church: It's Just About Hate

AB 1338 Tabled
Pressure from the far right keeps this important measure off the floor --- at least for the moment

AFA vs. Firestone
Firestone is target marketing gay and lesbian consumers, and the AFA is not happy about it.

Live Our Way or...
See how the AFA successfully pressured the Salvation Army to remove Domestic Partnership benefits within one week of having granted them.

Hatred: Business as Usual
Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson refuse to miss the opportunity to preach hatred and bigotry.

The FRC Responds to the Florida Adoption Ban Victory
Needless to say they are applauding this decision which, in addition to upholding ignorance and bigotry, flies in the face of evidence regarding gay and lesbian parenting. Family Research Council

WBC to Picket Shilts Memorial
Once again the religious right shares its form of love and tolerance
WBC Press Release

AFA: AFA Reacts to John Hancock's GLBT Positive Ad
The So-Called American Family Association is annoyed because John Hancock Insurance is "promoting lesbian families."

HLI: Homosexual Marriage To Become Netherlands' Next Failed Social Experiment
Father Matthew Habiger of Human Life International reacts to the news from Netherlands.
Human Life International

New AFA Video Targets Schools With So-Called Truths About Homosexuality
The AFA tries to spread its lies to the youth of America via a video entitled "It's Not Gay."
American Family Association

American Renewal Claims Censoring of Dr. Laura
"This is not the first time we have seen militant liberals employ the very tactics they so loudly denounce in others," says Vice-President Lessner
American Renewal

Falwell and the Lilith Fair Demons
Now that he's discovered the secret, will music be safe for young women ever again?
People for the American Way

Pornography Debacle In Inhofe's Office
One of the Hormel nomination's greatest opponents has a few skeletons of his own.

Westboro Baptist Church to Picket
In their own words we see how and why they are going to picket a Trinidad doctor. These are scary folk.

IRS Lions 1 - Christian Coalition 0
Uncle Pat loses a major battle with the IRS, and perhaps all his funding as his charitable status goes buh-bye.

Family Research Council Caught in Lies
Their opposition to a national Hate Crimes bill has a few fatal flaws.
People for the American Way

First Amendment 1 - Religious Right 0 in Maine
No, Virginia, the state won't reimburse parents for the religious education of their children.
People for the American Way

Pat Robertson Goes for the Gold
It's not an old trick this old dog is doing in getting as much money as possible.
Americans United

Pat Robertson Steps (Back) In to the Christian Coalition
He boots out the old and returns to head the extreme-right organization.
People for the American Way


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