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Cruising with Tom
Tom Cruise files not one but two, count 'em, lawsuits proclaiming he is not gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

by Deborah Levinson  

• National Enquirer
• Scientology and Gay Rights

Tom Cruise has a problem.

There are many people... A plethora of people... A multitude of people... Lots and lots of people... People who either believe that he is (or has been) gay (or bisexual) or like saying so regardless of what may or may not be.

Tom is not the first star who has had these stories circulate about him during his career.

In the past the world at large has been privy to rumors speculating about the gay or bisexual nature of Liberace, Elton John, Rock Hudson, Jodie Foster, Greg Louganis, David Geffen, Oprah Winfrey, Whitney Houston, Arsenio Hall, Cary Grant, Nathan Lane, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rosie O'Donnell just to name a few from various times, places and fields.

The reactions of the people have varied. Liberace sued. Others denied. Some were silent. And, a fair number of them have come out.

Cruise sues.

In fact, Cruise has sued twice in a month, both lawsuits filed for $100 million dollars. The first against a man who claims to have had a "homosexual affair" with Cruise, the second against a different man who apparently sent letters to a variety of media outlets offering to sell them a video of Cruise engaging in sex with a man or men.

Cruise and his people contend that even though Cruise himself is "open-minded" about homosexuals (and hold that thought) his fan base is not, and rumors about his sexuality could seriously damage his film career, not just in loss of fans, but loss of roles playing the handsome stud.

Yet, the "Cruise is Gay" rumors have been around for years, which begs the question: Why is Cruise just now so concerned that he feels the need to file lawsuits?

Current guesses include that he is not getting any younger and as he heads into middle age may feel the need to cement his image.

That however begs a different question. If Cruise is so "open-minded" about homosexuality, then why would he even be concerned? His public rep, and all publicity, state that he is exclusively heterosexual and up until recently happily married to Nicole Kidman. Why is that not sufficient when it is sufficient for other celebrities about whom similar rumors persist. Other celebrities with no noticeable falloff in their careers or reputations?

Does Cruise perhaps actually believe that there is something wrong with homosexuality? His chosen religion, Scientology, does. Then again, Scientology has been the subject of its own gay-related lawsuits. In 1998 the Church of Scientology was sued by a man claiming that he was promised a "cure" for his homosexuality, and that John Travolta and Tom Cruise were held up as examples of Scientology's past successes.

Al Rantell, that gay conservative radio host who would be one of the last people to ever out somebody had something like this to say about Cruise's second lawsuit, "I asked a friend of mine about this. Why Cruise and not any of the other young good looking guys about town. Especially since Cruise is no longer that young and not the best looking anymore. And my friend said, 'Perhaps in this case where there is smoke, there is fire'."

If that is the case perhaps Cruise is suing now in an effort to discourage those who may have irrefutable proof of a secret Cruise doesn't want us to know.

Or, he may be exclusively heterosexual, and always was.

We may never know.

Final Word: Oh, by the way, the National Enquirer has found an old copy of a gay man's magazine with pictures of a very young Cruise posing provocatively. Cruise's people denied that he had done any such posing, but confirmed once they were informed that issues with pictures do still exists. The magazine, Parlee, caters to an almost exclusively gay male audience in the New York and New Jersey area.

In Pride,


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