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Activism: Groups, Individuals, Resources

The American Civil Liberties has an entire section dedicated to our rights. Includes information on the many court cases it has brought on our behalf.

Be Active
You know you want to do something, but you don't know quite how to go about doing it. Here's the place to find out how to do, what you want to do, when you want to do it --- or even give you the idea of what to do in the first place.

Betty DeGeneres
Transcript of an excellent chat with Ellen's Mom.

Blue Ribbon Campaign
Dealing with issues of online censorship on local, national and international levels.

Citizens Against Homophobia
You've seen and heard ads purchased by this group to combat the proselytizing of the far right.

Common Dreams
Excellent source for progressive thoughts from progressive newspapers across the country.

Digital Queers
Formed by queer cybergeeks, you can volunteer or just join in the many activities, both on and offline.

Earn and Donate
No gimmicks, no tricks, just a few places where one can really make a little money here or there.  Very little, but even a little can be donated to a worthy cause.

Electronic Privacy Information Center
EPIC is there to protect everybody's privacy on the Net, and has taken many stands with respect to our right to privacy.

Hate Watch Org
Keeping a constant eye on the "bad guys" and their activities.

Human Rights Campaign
Speaking out for our rights in the workplace and life in general. Many projects, such as "Coming Out Project" to wet your whistle.

GLAAD Online
GLAAD is a media watchdog organization, ensuring that our voice is heard when there are negative TV, film and other media portrayals about us.

International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
Like its non-gay counterpart, watching out for our human rights around the world.

International Lesbian and Gay Association, a worldwide group that organizes all the organizations for worldwide activities and action.

Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund
The oldest legal organization fighting for our rights, keep up to date on the legal issues of today, and be prepared for those of tomorrow.

Lesbian Avengers
Includes a handbook for dealing with homophobia and promoting action, both on and offline.

National Gay and Lesbian Federation of Gay and Lesbian Associations
Available in French, English, German, and Spanish, this world-wide organization focuses on "defending gay and lesbian rights, health, and political and cultural movements of homosexual people."

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force
NGLTF is the oldest queer political organization in the country and quite possibly the most effective.

Out Against the Right
A handbook on how to organize to combat "the right" in your neighborhood, city, state ... well, you get the idea.

People For The American Way
A wonderful group that watches out for everybody's rights and keeps an eye on the part of the "right" that is a "wrong."

Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays. Founded by the parents of a lesbian, PFLAG provides information, literature and speakers all to our benefit.

Project Open Mind
A multi-media awareness campaign sponsored and organized by PFLAG.

Pink Pistols
Dedicated to the legal, safe, and responsible use of firearms for self-defense of the sexual-minority community. In other words, "NRA Light (in the loafers)."

Scouting for All
Scouting for All was founded in response to the Boy Scout policy that bars gay men and boys. Excellent resources and information.

Surf & Support
You can passively donate to a wide-variety of lesbigay organizations by visiting sponsoring web sites. I chose "Project Angel Food." Don't forget to set Gay/Lesbian Issues as the page you end up at when you're done!

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