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Ernestine Bradley Speaks Out Against Hate-Mongering

If likes attract, these comments by Ernestine Bradley go a long way to substantiating that while Senator Bradley may not deserve a perfect score for his positions on G/L Civil Rights, he's probably the closest of the viable presidential candidates. [Then again, as of this writing, a few days before "Super Tuesday" candidate Bradley isn't looking all that viable - let's hope that's not a cause and effect.]

Regardless, Mrs. Bradley's comments show a willingness to take on homophobic bigotry without flinching, and are likely to add fuel to the fire in the growing controversy over Dr. Laura Schlessinger's upcoming television show for Paramount.

During a 15-minutes February 21, 2000, radio interview on the GAYBC Radio Network (www.gaybc.com), Mrs. Bradley said that talk show host Dr. Laura Schlessinger's anti-gay speech amounts to a "kind of hatred mongering." Yes, she was stating the obvious --- but how many people with such a high profile and so much at stake would be willing to take on the number-one radio personality?

Mrs. Bradley's criticism follows a flurry of negative publicity surrounding Paramount's decision to launch the Dr. Laura Show on TV this fall. Many in the gay community have accused Paramount of an anti-gay double-standard, arguing that anyone who called African-Americans or Jews "biological errors" and "deviant" - words Dr. Laura has used to describe gays - would never be given their own TV show.

When she was asked by a caller about Paramount's double standard as it applied to gays and the Dr. Laura TV show her response made her sentiments clear. The caller stated: "...the concern the community has is are we giving voice to someone who if had they made comments about blacks or Jews would have never gotten on TV, but since it's gay people for some reason people are more accepting of prejudice against gays." Mrs. Bradley responded: "You are so right."

[Am I the only one who sometimes feels like saying, "Duh!"?"]

Mrs. Bradley was then asked: "Do you have any feelings yourself on this whole Dr. Laura issue, and whether... hatred against gays that goes on television is something that perhaps we shouldn't allow?" Mrs. Bradley answered that "of course we should not allow that," that she was "totally incensed and totally outraged," and that she felt the need to "speak out against this kind of hatred mongering."

If you would like to listen to the entire interview, including additional comments Mrs. Bradley makes about Dr. Laura, visit the follow these RealAudio links via GAYBC:

G2: http://www.gaybc.com/rafiles/culture/spec000221.ram
PreG2: http://www.gaybc.com/rafiles/culture/spec16000221.ram

If you'd like to skip ahead, the question for Mrs. Bradley begins at 10 minutes and 20 seconds into the 15 minute interview.

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