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Laura Schlessinger Collection

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And She's Gone!
My thoughts are simple:   Laura, who is not a "Dr." anything, has the right to be stupid, even on the radio. It will be interesting seeing what her next incarnation is - and how she will play the martyr this time. G/d knows, she's played it before. She's almost the Sarah Bernhardt of martydom.  GLAAD REPORTS

And note, she never did respond to this:
Open Offer to Laura Schlessinger: The Saga Continues

Laura Schlessinger still has not accepted, responded to, nor acknowledged my offer. Can you say hypocrite? I knew you could.

Laura Schlessinger on Larry King
Excerpts from the interview which took place the day the American Academy of Pediatrics reported that gay parents fare as well as any other parents, and encouraging states to allow adoption

"A friend of mine who works as a grip at the Paramount Studios lot just emailed me. Said there was a big blow up on the set of Laura's TV show last week. Really big argument between Laura and the exec's from Paramount occurred right in front of the studio guests. Laura stormed off the set and wasn't seen again. About two hours later the producers for the show called all the staff together and said they were suspending operations until further notice." (Source: Usenet)

West Wing Skewers Laura
The television show West Wing takes a shot, or two, at the not-so-good Dr. Laura. Read the transcript. Enjoy.

More Laura: Two Apologies (One Recanted) Do Not Repentance Make
Laura Schlessinger apologizes again --- and doesn't appear to mean it any more this time than she did last time.

No Gays or Other Fags?
An anonymous correspondent relates the tale of his call to the Dr. Laura show and his chat with one of Laura's people.

Open Offer to Laura Schlessinger: The Saga Continues
Laura Schlessinger still has not accepted, responded to, nor acknowledged my offer. Can you say hypocrite? I knew you could.

A Teen "Thanks" Dr. Laura
What happens when Laura's advice is put into practice. (Not that Laura would know ... one of the many points made in the poem.)

Open Offer to Laura Schlessinger
Laura Schlessinger's Gay and Lesbian friends are being silenced ... or so she says. I offer them a platform, but am not offered one in return.

Cliff Spires on Laura Schlessinger
Cliff Spires talks about Schlessinger's new show, and what he thinks it may look like.

Laura Schlessinger's Television Sponsors
She may have the right to say it --- but that doesn't mean we have to help her, or her show, make money from it. Let the sponsors know what you think about their monetary support of Laura Schlessinger's television show.

Laura's in the Doghouse
Oxygen commentator Bea Fearless speaks a piece about Ms. Schlessinger.

American Renewal Claims Censoring of Dr. Laura
"This is not the first time we have seen militant liberals employ the very tactics they so loudly denounce in others," says Vice-President Lessner. American Renewal

Another Sponsor Pulls Out
Saab just says no and withdraws its sponsorship of Laura Schlessinger.

Responses to Laura Schlessinger
As she puts her foot in it time and time again the folks who really know the score tell her like it is.

"Dear Dr. Laura"
Our very own copy of the letter which asks Ms. Laura her advice regarding some of the often ignored and forgotten biblical passages.

More Trouble for Ms. Laura
Laura Schlessinger is under fire for her newest book which seems to go out of its way to preach venomous lies about gays and lesbians.

Apology Recanted
On March 15th, Laura Schlessinger recanted a recently issued public apology to people hurt by her comments regarding the lesbian and gay community. In a column by Don Feder appearing in The Boston Herald, Schlessinger said her statement released March 10th was a "clarification" and was "not an apology." Her March 10th statement had read: "Regrettably, some of the words I've used have hurt some people, and I am sorry for that."

Dr. Laura Heating Up
Dr. Laura Schlessinger's anti-gay views are fueling protests and headlines for the radio personality.

Dr. Laura, Paramount, Homophobia & Hypocrisy
Dr. Laura continues to use her 15 minutes of fame for hatred and bigotry. Coming to you on television soon from Paramount syndication?

HateWatch Org on Dr. Laura
HateWatch supports the Dr. Laura protests.

NCSF on Dr. Laura
They say, "Dr. Laura: bringing hate into your living room" and tell you how and where to protest.

Litany of Ignorance
A handy quick-reference to some of the many feet Dr. Laura has put in her mouth on the topic of gays and lesbians.

Call to Arms
The original Net Letter that started the flurry of calls to Paramount.

Ernestine Bradley Speaks Out Against Hate-Mongering
Candidate's wife stands up against bigotry and ignorance during radio interview.

Mel White Explains Position on Paramount
Mel explains his desire to give GLAAD and Paramount "a chance."

Events you Missed:

NYC-NOW Protest of Dr. Laura on May 3, 2000
Dr. Laura signs books while New York activists make signs.

Dr. Laura Protest Planned
If you're in the Los Angeles area (and even if you're not) you might be interested in attending this March 21st protest at Paramount.


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