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Tch, Tch, Tch, Ms. Dr. Laura

I listen to her.


Because I couldn't believe that she was really saying all the crazy things that people were claiming she was saying. Not just about gays and lesbians. But about working parents (a category which by some sleight-of-mind does not include the very employed Ms. Dr. Laura). And divorced or divorcing parents.

Because she is "her kid's mom."

And the kids, she explains constantly, always have to come first, regardless of how difficult or uncomfortable or even unhappy that might make the parents.

Unless, of course, those kids happen to be gay.

Because according to Ms. Dr. Laura, homosexuals are "deviants" who prey on children and should seek reparative therapy.

Oh wait. Ms. Dr. Laura denies that she calls homosexuals deviants or predators. Variety "lied" says the good (not really a) doctor, who would, of course, never (what never?) lie:

"Variety says I call them deviants. No. I call homosexual practices deviant..."

Backtracking ... About those kids coming first, and how everyone should be their "kid's mom" (or "kid's dad") first and foremost...

While I certainly take no (what none ... well, hardly any) pleasure in calling Ms. Dr. Laura a hypocrite, but since I do not wish to mislead you I fear that I must. After all, she constantly implores people to (and signs off her broadcasts with) "Do the right thing."

Pssst. Did you see the invitation to Ms. Dr. Laura's birthday bash?

::nodding:: The one on Ms. Dr. Laura's site (visit only if you feel you must - she assumes all visitors are fans and friends - all the while bashing online and online relationships - I can hear her shrieking, "You haven't met him yet and you're moving half-way across the country? Are you crazy?!" ... Okay, maybe she's right on that one).

Let me just share the juicy part.

The part where I get to be catty.

And send Ms. Dr. Laura to the clue bar.

Ticket Price: $76.00 each (ages 12 and over please)

Get it? No kids allowed.

The hours are late, true enough, but should parents really be leaving their children with a "stranger" just to spend money they could be "spending on their kids" to lavish birthday wishes upon Ms. Dr. Laura?

And that's not all! [Somehow the tone seems appropriate - after all, if Ms. Dr. Laura is not a side-show, what is she?] Ms. Dr. Laura has written a book to teach children about the unconditional love a mother has for her child. Isn't that sweet?

Unless of course the child is gay. Then I suppose the mother is required to follow the rest of Ms. Dr. Laura's standard advice:

Give them information on groups that will help them change
Don't allow them around their nieces, nephews or other young children
Don't sanction their shack-up relationships by having them over with their shack-up honeys as if they were in a normal and valid relationship
And fight to ensure that they will never be able to have their marriages recognized by the government

Which somehow leads to the fact that Ms. Dr. Laura is supporting California Prop 22 because it is "pro-family legislation." (Honest, she said that, apparently Dr. Laura can't tell the different between proposed and existing legislation.)

I'm not sure how denying people who want to add legally binding status to the existing bonds of their relationships for the purpose of forming family units (as a couple or a couple with children) is "pro-family" but I'm sure that Ms. Dr. Laura can find whatever skewed thought process she labels as logic in that.

Wow. So much to say, so little bandwidth in which to say it.

There's currently an uproar about Paramount deciding to create a syndicated talk show for our favorite (reformed adulteress and fornicator --- sure, ghead Laura, send me mail telling me that you're not reformed. Dare ya. Double dare ya.) Ms. Dr. Laura.

Wanna see the pictures?

Because Ms. Dr. Laura wants to continue preaching her ignorance. Which hasn't and wouldn't be allowed if it was about Jews. Or African-Americans. Or Hispanics. Or Asians. Or, frankly, just about anybody but gays and lesbians.

While "not allowing it" may go too far, it's surely not inappropriate to put pressure on those who would support bigotry, and ensure that at a minimum Ms. Dr. Laura either stick to facts or clearly label her so-called opinions as just that - lacking any factual basis at all.

GLAAD seems to be taking the lead in approaching Paramount, but all parties involved are quite hush-hush about what's been discusses, or even who is discussing it.

After a first meeting GLAAD and Paramount released a joint two-paragraph statement claiming the meeting "created a positive exchange of differing perspectives." Oboy.

(A slightly more global "oboy" led to the creation of a "StopDrLaura" campaign and site - details in our Dr. Laura Collection.)

Paramount executives "discussed the format of the television show, which will vary from Dr. Laura's successful radio show, in that there will be many points of view, derived from a variety of sources, guests and a studio audience," according to the statement.

(Which sounds very much like inviting the KKK to host a show but ensuring that the NAACP will be able to pop in at the end and say, "Excuse me?")

To which I do have to say, "Excuse me?"

Because I can't imagine Ms. Dr. Laura agreeing to offer her opinions as less than the "only right" way or answer.

Or to tolerate divergent points of view (known by most people as "truth" and "fact(s)") for more than thirty-seconds before having one of her (should be trade-marked) hissy-fits.

I could go on.

But the question is whether Ms. Dr. Laura will.

In pride,

P.S. Don't miss our entire Dr. Laura Collection if you haven't seen it yet!


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