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History - GLBT History Lost & Found

The 1972 Gay Rights Platform
Platform created at the National Coalition of Gay Organizations Convention held in Chicago in 1972.

1997 GLBT Accomplishments
Thanks to Mike Silverman for this wonderful list of all our accomplishments during the past year.

2000 - The Year 2000 in Review
The ups, downs and all-arounds of GLBT accomplishments and set-backs in the fight for equal civil rights.

The Calendar Project
Explore the GLBT Historical Calendar and be a part of history by helping make it grow.

Finding Our History
While much of our history is "missing" - there is still much of it to be explored.

Gay and Lesbian Characters on the Soaps
The Soaps have long been home to edgy, ahead of its time, characters and content. One of the places where they were amongst the first is in including gay and lesbian characters and themes. Here they are, past, present and future.

We may have learned about these people throughout our education, but we probability didn't know that they were gay or lesbian.

History of National Coming Out Day
How it all started, along with some advice for those who need some help coming out.

How Real is Our Sense of History?
An insightful article by Patricia Nell Warren.

Baron Von Steuben and Homosexuality
Somebody had to help teach George Washington how to create and lead an army. This is the man who did just that. The gay man who did just that. They didn't ask. He didn't tell. But they all knew.

Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archive
An awesome collection of GLBT materials from north of the (my) border.

Censorship of Gay Literature
How classics were mistranslated throughout the years changing their meanings along with additional examples.

England's First Gay Minister
Reverend John Church was also performing gay rites of Holy Matrimony in the 1700s.

FBI Files: J. Edgar Hoover
A look at the internal documents showing the supression of people and rumors about J. Edgar Hoover's homosexuality during his lifetime.

Gay & Lesbian Themes in Hispanic Culture and Literature
Overview of course taught at Columbia University.

Gay Holocaust Memorial Site
Do not miss this picture-filled tour of Nazi Concentration camps with emphasis on the fate of gay and lesbian "criminals" sent to those camps.

The Gay Film List
Compiled by the newsgroup soc.motss this is a rather complete list of domestic films with Gay/Lesbian themes including short commentary on each.

Gay in America: 1996
A seven-part series by the San Francisco Examiner.

Gay Tombs
The official gay guide to Westminster Abbey.

Greenwich Village
A virtual walking tour of the village and its GLBT history. Slow to load but well worth the wait.

Heroes Myths & Legends
Take a look at gay and lesbian people through history.

History of the Gay Games
Facts from each of the Games including the first year battle when we lost the battle to call the Games "The Gay Olympics."

Homosexuals in Government
From the Congressional Record in 1950 a not so kind look at Homosexuals in Government. 

Inventing Queer Space
A significant work that takes a look at the process of (and problems with) writing our history.

Lesbian Pirates
The story of Anne Bonny and Mary Reed.

Lonely Hunters
Chapter excerpts from an oral history of Lesbian and Gay Southern Life from 1948-1968.

Los Angeles Lesbian History 1970-1990
All text page all interesting information.

Most Frequently Banned Books in the 90s
We're represented well in 10th and 18th place.

Never Again: The Pink Triangle Pages
The Nazis didn't just murder 6 000 000 Jews they murdered 12 000 000 people many of them gays and lesbians.

Our Symbols: The Lambda
How the lambda came to be chosen as one of our symbols.

Stonewall and Beyond
Online version of an incredible exhibit Columbia held from May 25 to September 17, 1994 as part of the international celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

The Rainbow Flag
If you've ever wondered how the Rainbow Flag came into being here's where you'll find out.

Tomb of Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep
Ancient lovers together for eternity.

With Downcast Gays
Full reprint of a 1974 "Gay Liberation" pamphlet. It's most interesting to read and gives one pause to think "How far have we come?"

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