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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Tahnee

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I have been trying to figure out for 12 years now who I was and I finally came in terms with myself last year. I'm 17 years old and i'm bisexual. It was hard at first to come out to people but the first person I came out to was my friend Ashley. She knew how I was so I just told her straight out who I was. So far I told 5 of my friends and I also told my mom and my sister. My mom kinda took it hard but she knew alittle how I was or how I felt about girls. When I told my sister she cried but now it's over and done with. I'm glad I told them though. They were the main people I wanted to tell. It was hell at first but i've gotten over it. I know i'll still be going through hell when I get older and lets just say i'm ready for that. I've recently told my stepmom and dad. They were cool about it. So whatever comes comes. Just to the people that read this. Don't be scared to be yourself and tell people about who you are. Go with it and you'll be ok.
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