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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Young Adult Stories

Hundreds of gay men and lesbians share their stories of self-awareness and discovery, no two stories exactly alike, but all remarkably similar in that *lightbulb* moment of realization, "Yes, I am gay." 

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Abby's Story
It is early in the morning, in the other room I can hear the soft sleeping sounds of my partner, Terry. I am concerned that she will wake and find me in here on the computer, instead of studying for exams. She is 11 years older than I, and sometimes can be rather paternalistic, (notice I didn't say maternalistic)... Continued

Alan's Story
I guess my mind knew I was gay years before my consious did. Starting in elementary school, I really began to notice guys, and it continued throughout Jr. High and High School... Continued

Ben's Story
I am a 19 year old boy from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. I grew up in a family of all boys. We were always pressured into playing sports. Even though I never enjoyed them. I always felt I was a little different... Continued

Carla's Story
I never had a Ken doll. My Barbie dolls always grew up and lived together in perfect bliss. I should have known it then... Continued

Chrissy's Story
I realized I was attracted to girls when I was in high school. I didn't act upon it at the time, I just simply put it out of my mind... Continued

Christina's Story
im 19. i realised about a month ago now. im still going through the accepting stage, i think. one minute im relieved and such, and the next im all depressed. part of being a teen i guess... Continued

Clnaround's Story
I wouldn't call it a coming out story considering i haven't come out. I never really dated in high school. I had boyfriends in junior high but I just like kissing them. I never dated much in college.I dated one guy for 8 monthes,but never had any feelings for him. I had my first lesbian experince when i was 19. I was rooming with my Best Friend at the time... Continued

Dan's Story (2)
Well, now that I am finally 20 I can continue on with my coming out experiences. Well, at the time one year ago I was forced to come out to my friends,man that was difficult. But over time throughout 1999, i was starting to come to grips that It would be best to tell me best friends whom i graduated with... Continued

Dawn's Story
looking back on my childhood i'm surprised that i didn't notice my queerness earlier. all the times when i was little that i heard the word "lesbian" and thought, "yeah, that's what i am" really casually, little-kid like... Continued

Deborah's Story
"I'm a Sophomore in high school. I have an odd obsession with an even odder teacher. Nothing sexual or even "love" related, I don't give it a second thought. Obsessions work for me and my mind, keeping me and it occupied..." Continued

Diane's Story
"I met my first out Lesbian when I was in my early 20's. Her name is Rita, and over 20 years later, I still go all warm and mushy when I think of her..." Continued

Jaime's Story
Well, I did a good job of hiding the truth, I knew there was something different about my feelings. I didn't come out until I had a boyfriend for almost 3 years, I was 22, I kept on picturing what it was going to be like married, children, coming home to him every day... Continued

Jamie's Story new
I had a very crazy/difficult/intense coming out experience that took place close to 5 years ago at age 19. I was in college, in a serious relationship with a girl, and still not out to myself... Continued

Jason's Story
I'm 22 years old and a junior in college. I am bisexual and last march I celebrated my 3 year coming out anniversery... Continued

Jennifer 2's Story
I'm 21 yrs. old and have just recently admitted to myself that I am lesbian. I always knew I was different from my girlfriends. While they would swoon over the football players, I never gave them a second thought... Continued

Jennifer 3's Story
I knew I was a lesbian when I was 19. I was at a party and I saw this girl. It wasn't personal or anything, but we did catch each others eye. It was the night before my best friends party for singles. She had it ready and everything, even a sign about it on the clubs bulletin board... Continued

Jim's Story
In 1963, just before I left home, I told my mother that I was gay. She was a little confused, but as far as I could tell not devastated and so some years later when I got married... Continued

Jim 2's Story
It is impossible for me to explain the amount of change that has taken place for me in the last couple of years. I guess that back then, I could not have guessed how happy I could be at this very moment. I was so deep in the closet, so set in my ways and had absolutely no plans to change that... Continued

Joy's Story
It was when I was 19, I'm 20 now so it wasn't all that long ago. All through out my life I sort of known that I was a lesbian... Continued

Martha's Story
Imagine a 24 yrs old single mother living with a guy for 3 yrs already. Always dated guys. Met this girl in school... Continued

Matt's Story (2)
It is tough to be gay. My name is Matt, I am a Syracuse University student and I am proud to be gay. Even though I have my pride, it has always been tough to be gay... Continued

Mike's Story
My story isn't about the first time I ever came out of the closet, nor is it about the first time I ever realized I had feelings for men. Instead, it's a story about coming out to one friend in particular, who has since become my roommate and a huge part of my support system. I hope you find some kind of lesson behind it... Continued

Mikey's Story
Diana Ross said it best "I'm coming out I'm coming I'm coming out... I want the world to know Got to let it show I'm coming out I want the world to know I got to let it show... Continued

Neo's Story
I'm a 20 year old boy from the south of Spain, this is the first time I see this web site and I felt it could be interesting to add my story... Continued

Placid's Story new
I'm 18, and I came out to my whole family 5 days ago. I've known that I'm a Lesbain for a few years, but I constanly faught it, the idea of it, the reality of it. I was raised in Zimbabwe (very Anti anything Gay), in a VERY religous household. All my friends made fun of and seemed to hate gay people. (me and my family now lives in New Zealand)... Continued

Ron's Story
On Friday night, one day before our National (Irish) Coming out day, I went out on the piss with one of my best friends. I had been gearing up to tell him for weeks... Continued

Shirley's Story
I first started noticing that I was different than most girls around fourth or fifth grade; however I dated guys all through high school. I always had this thing about certain girls but never really figured it out until I was about 19 years old... Continued

srtagab's Story
This really isn't a coming out as of yet but a realization. All through high school my friends dated but I had no interest in guys. It wasn't until the summer beforemy second year of college did I realize I was a lesbian. My friends always talked about this feeling they got when they were around guys. Well I never felt that way... Continued

Summer's Story
"I realized I was lesbian when I was 18. I had no interest in dating period and had started myway down the path to become a catholic nun. I had decided that the reason I was not interested in men was because God..." Continued

Tidgey's Story
I had school girl crushes on many female teachers while I was growing up, but non of the crushes compared to the love I felt for my University Tutor... Continued

Tim L's Story
I've always known I am gay. I found more inteterest in my sisters toys than the army men and tanks. I never acted on my feelings because I was unbelievably afraid until I was around 21 years old. I had come home from college for a St. Patricks day party and had become quite intoxicated, hence I was more than willing to satisfy my urges... Continued

Tom's Story new
Looking back, I now realize that I have been attracted to other guys since at least early adolescence. Like many, though, I worked very hard for years to hide my gay feelings from everyone, including myself. There were a few times when I would acknowledge to myself that I might be gay but then would quickly stuff that realization again. When I was 17, there were two or three times when I looked at myself in my car mirror and shouted, "You're gay aren't you?" and then quickly shouted even louder back, "No. It can't be true."... Continued

Zane's Story
Coming out is not something that you just do one day. It is a process that you go through every time you tell some you are gay. I have been in the process of coming out for the last three years... Continued

Anonymous Story 5
I was 23 when i realized i was lesbian.... i was going out with this guy and he was totally gorgeous but i couldn't... Continued

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