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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Later in Life Stories

Hundreds of gay men and lesbians share their stories of self-awareness and discovery, no two stories exactly alike, but all remarkably similar in that *lightbulb* moment of realization, "Yes, I am gay."

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Anthony's Story
I am a single father(with custody!)of an 8-yr.old son, in my twenties, and have been out for 2 years. My story is not as bold, maybe, as others, but was very liberating and a refreshing start for me... Continued

Bruce's Story
I am the father of two incredible boys. On my 39th birthday, my dear, dear, wife rounded out my celebration by casting my Tarot! After telling my fortune, she looked over my spread, saying: "Bruce, I think you're Gay!"... Continued

Buck's Story
It was pretty easy. Seems like everyone knew in my family already. My mother has suggested that I go visit my gay brother in San Diego and go to college. I did... Continued

Cherie's Story
I am a 27 year old woman. I am married with a 10 month old daughter. I have been in a relationship with my husband for 10 years and married for a little over a year. I have such a heavy heart right now. I feel so trapped and confused... Continued

Dana's Story
Well I kind of figure I was gay even back in high school. I use to look at guys in the locker room and jerk off quite a bit. Now at the age of 35 with a wife and two kids... Continued

Dave's Story
In retrospect, I have become aware that I was absolutely sure I was gay a long time before I knew what the word meant. My earliest memory on this was from kindergarten; we were cutting pictures out of catlogues for a President's day project. I ended up cutting out pictures of guys in their underwear and wiping saliva on their crotches. At the time, my defense was that I was trying to make it look like they'd wet their pants. It was meant to be a joke; now, it seems like more of a "subtle" clue... Continued

Debbie's Story
I have always known I was attracted to women. I had my first relationship at age 20. Now, 30 years later, it has all come back to haunt me... Continued

Dixon's Story
"I am amazed to hear of teenagers coming out! It took me a really long time, and I came out in desperation, after doing everything I could to fight my sexuality. ..." Continued

Fern's Story
I guess you could say that deep down I have always been attracted to women. But like a lot of us we are bought up to date lots of men, get married and maybe one day have kids... Continued

Gidget's Story
I am 49 years old and have been married twice, have been attracted to women always but just ignored it to fit in. I have 3 kids, and about 3years ago I fell in love with a woman and had an affair... Continued

Jackie's Story
"I am originally from Arkansas, having said that most of you probably already know the upbringing of a southern girl..." Continued

KDawg's Story  
I knew I was gay from the age of 18, but I never came out. I went through college, then law school, and then met a woman I truly loved at the time. At the age of 31 I asked her to marry me, and we set the wedding for March of 2002... Continued

Kenny's Story  
My story is no different than most. I struggled for years to make my sexuality disappear. I married, fathered children, and eventually collapsed inside of myself... Continued

Kittcha's Story NEW
I had always had fantasies about other women but that's all I thought they were, I went out with a lot of men, I say men because I really didn't have a lot of b/f's when I was younger... I joined the Army when I was 17 and I knew there were a lot of lesbians in the army, but nothing happened... Continued

Lance's Story
I was 43, divorced for several years from a 16 year marriage to a woman with whom I am still good friends, with two sons. One of seven children, I have always had a good relationship with my mother... Continued

Martha's Story
Imagine a 24 yrs old single mother living with a guy for 3 yrs already. Always dated guys. Met this girl in school... Continued

Nora's Story
I am married with 2 teenage children. I know I am attracted primarily to women and have known it for about ten years... Continued

Paul 2's Story
I came out late in life. Age 58. Was married have four children. Now single. All though my life I knew I was attracted to men, since I was in the 5th grade... Continued

Princess's Story
I always tried to be straight. I even got married and had children. But that didn't hide the fact that I am attracted to women- attracted to hell- I love them! My family- no my father is homophobic. He always said that gay people should be corraled up and shot. You can imagine the effect this had on me... Continued

Raeanne's Story
I'm proud that I've come out to four people...including my husband. I hate labeling myself; I am ME, not a word. But everyone likes you to choose, don't they? Therefore, I guess that makes me fit under the label of "bisexual." I love PEOPLE, not a gender, if that makes any sense... Continued

Rich's Story
Wellllll, let me tell you about a little incident that happend to me when I came out to my employees ... Continued

Slade's Story
I am 49 years old and have been married twice, have been attracted to women always but just ignored it to fit in. I have 3 kids, and about 3 years ago I fell in love with a woman and had an affair, it changed me so much... Continued

Smitty's Story
Here I am at 40 falling in love with a female co-worker... Continued

Stephanie's Story
I have to say that this is not actually a "coming out" story. It is what I have been through TRYING to come out. I have known for longer than I care to admit that I was "different" for lack of a better word... Continued

Zaphiod's Story
I am still married at this time well sort of not if we can forget that piece of paper.

I was becoming more and more verbally abusive to my wife, not swearing or any kind of words against her, what I would say is things like why would I touch you,I want out... Continued

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