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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Women's Stories

Hundreds of gay men and lesbians share their stories of self-awareness and discovery, no two stories exactly alike, but all remarkably similar in that *lightbulb* moment of realization, "Yes, I am gay.

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Abbie's Story
I am 18, and as I grasp this issue of homosexuality, I realize that it is something I always knew, sort of a silent understanding with myself, but life went on, and growing up I never made it a big issue. I felt different from a very early age, but than again, I never knew was it was like to be very normal anyway, so I figure that I didn't miss much. Having an older brother guaranteed me to an adolescence of tomboy activities... Continued

Abby's Story
It is early in the morning, in the other room I can hear the soft sleeping sounds of my partner, Terry. I am concerned that she will wake and find me in here on the computer, instead of studying for exams. She is 11 years older than I, and sometimes can be rather paternalistic, (notice I didn't say maternalistic)... Continued

Aleia's Story
I am scared shitless. I'm 14 & I'm a bisexual. I've known my whole life. I finally came to terms with it last year, after me and a friend of mine kissed. She had always known too... Continued

Allyson's Story
I was twelve when I realized I was a lesbian it was hard for me because I had been dealing with other issues... Continued

Anastasia's Story
Well I started this new school, made tons of friends and over time I developed a huge crush on one of my close friends..well I would think about her day and night, and at times it would get so hard to keep it inside... Continued

Ann's Story
I was 17 yrs old when I finally had the strength to admit to myself and everyone else that I was bisexual I was not comfortable saying those word about myself... Continued

Anna's Story
So far I've only started to come out to three people. The ones I still have to come out to will be the worst. Anyways, here's my story. I grew up in a very fundamentalist home, always taught that being homosexual was evil, was a quick way to hell, etc. I was always a tomboy growing up, climbing trees, playing sports, and playing with action figures instead of dolls. I continued to play sports in high school. Because of my upbringing, I never considered the possibility that I might be a lesbian... Continued

Anna's Story (2) NEW
I am bisexual and I'm 12. I've known almost all my life. I mostly swing towards girls, but i fall for guys sometimes too... Continued

Annabelle's Story
Who knew that 17 would be such a memorable year? I guess you could say that living at boarding school and being gay is hard....(living with a ton of girls while figuring out sexuality, etc.... Continued

Anny's Story
I can recount sexual experiences with other girls since I was about 7 yrs old. My first was with my cousin who was about 9. I used to stay at their house for a week at a time out of state... Continued

Ashley's Story
I have always been attracted to guys, from a very young age. I never really thought about being with girls, but I have always been very open-minded about sex in general... Continued

Barb's Story
I grew up in a small town in Northeastern Kentucky. Also know as the Bible Belt Gossip Belt of the world. I remember having my first real crush on a girl when I was six... Continued

Barbara's Story
I was 10 when I had my first experience with another girl. She was my best friend, and our relationship went on for a couple months... Continued

Beth's Story
Well I'm a Transsexual (still pre-hormones but close) I am 18 and started coming out 2 years ago but I'm still kinda working at it... Continued

Boogie's Story
Well, I'm a female about the age of 17. I came out of the closet to my mother but feel that due to religious reasons I have been pouched back in. It was at the age of six that I realized I was different from the rest of my peers. Like any other elementary school girl I kept a close alliance with friends, but there was always something more, a deeper thing like, hey lets play house I'll be the mommy and so can you... Continued

Carla's Story
I never had a Ken doll. My Barbie dolls always grew up and lived together in perfect bliss. I should have known it then... Continued

Cathy's Story
I was 16.I was at a party with a group of friends when a guy suggested that we all play wet t-shirts... Continued

Cherie's Story
I am a 27 year old woman. I am married with a 10 month old daughter. I have been in a relationship with my husband for 10 years and married for a little over a year. I have such a heavy heart right now. I feel so trapped and confused... Continued

Chrissy's Story
I realized I was attracted to girls when I was in high school. I didn't act upon it at the time, I just simply put it out of my mind... Continued

Christine's Story
So I'm a junior in high school and it's quite interesting. I've always been open to the possibility of being a lesbian, bisexual, straight-whatever... Continued

Cindy's Story
Lesbian.. a word that I never knew what the meaning was.. till I found out that is who I am, and always was. Around the age of ten I had feelings toward girls... Continued

Christina's Story
imp 19. I realized about a month ago now. imp still going through the accepting stage, I think. one minute imp relieved and such, and the next imp all depressed. part of being a teen I guess... Continued

Clnaround's Story
I wouldn't call it a coming out story considering I haven't come out. I never really dated in high school. I had boyfriends in junior high but I just like kissing them. I never dated much in college. I dated one guy for 8 months, but never had any feelings for him. I had my first lesbian experience when I was 19. I was rooming with my Best Friend at the time... Continued

Dawn's Story
looking back on my childhood I'm surprised that I didn't notice my queerness earlier. all the times when I was little that I heard the word "lesbian" and thought, "yeah, that's what I am" really casually, little-kid like... Continued

Dawn's Story (2)
looking back on my childhood I'm surprised that I didn't notice my queerness earlier. all the times when I was little that I heard the word "lesbian" and thought, "yeah, that's what I am" really casually, little-kid like. or the time that I told my mom I was going to dress up my best friend and marry her... Continued

Debbie's Story
I have always known I was attracted to women. I had my first relationship at age 20. Now, 30 years later, it has all come back to haunt me... Continued

Deborah's Story
"I'm a Sophomore in high school. I have an odd obsession with an even odder teacher. Nothing sexual or even "love" related, I don't give it a second thought. Obsessions work for me and my mind, keeping me and it occupied..." Continued

Diane's Story
"I met my first out Lesbian when I was in my early 20's. Her name is Rita, and over 20 years later, I still go all warm and mushy when I think of her..." Continued

Eliza's Story
This is not a coming out story. Someday I am on the verge of coming out, other days I will stay behind my protective walls until my friends and families suspicions are no longer deniable. I married the man of my dreams only to learn what heartache felt like. After months of social withdrawal, I decided to buy a computer to access the net with. It was there that I met K, a 30 something wife and mother of three, who was restless and wanting to explore her curiosity... Continued

Fern's Story
I guess you could say that deep down I have always been attracted to women. But like a lot of us we are bought up to date lots of men, get married and maybe one day have kids... Continued

Frenchy's Story  
I'm an 18 year old girl, and I discovered I was bisexual a year ago. I have always been curious about girls, but I never thought I had so much curiosity. I mean, I always dated guys, I even lost my virginity to one, but things weren't just the same... Continued

Galalea's Story
Well, I'm 13. I figured out I was bi about a year ago, cuz I had a crush on my two best friends. One was a boy, and the other a girl... Continued

Gidget's Story
I am 49 years old and have been married twice, have been attracted to women always but just ignored it to fit in. I have 3 kids, and about 3years ago I fell in love with a woman and had an affair... Continued

Ginger's Story
My first semi-erotic thoughts were actually quite young and involved only females. I was always attracted to women until I was 12 and my cousin told me what a lesbian was! I felt really confused at this point because she told me it was unnatural and I didn't want to be unnatural... Continued

Haley's Story
I came out when I was about 14. I spent the night at my friend's house because she was having a slumber party. There were about 10 girls there. We played truth or dare and one of my friends asked me to French kiss the girl to my right... Continued

Jackie's Story
"I am originally from Arkansas, having said that most of you probably already know the upbringing of a southern girl..." Continued

Jaime's Story
Well, I did a good job of hiding the truth, I knew there was something different about my feelings. I didn't come out until I had a boyfriend for almost 3 years, I was 22, I kept on picturing what it was going to be like married, children, coming home to him every day... Continued

Janie's Story
"My coming out story was one of the hardest things I have ever gone through..." Continued

Jennifer's Story
My name is Jennifer. I wrote a story almost a year ago. It is known as Nancy's story. I am 17 and my parents still don't really know that I am lesbian... Continued

Jennifer 2's Story
I'm 21 yrs. old and have just recently admitted to myself that I am lesbian. I always knew I was different from my girlfriends. While they would swoon over the football players, I never gave them a second thought... Continued

Jennifer 3's Story
I knew I was a lesbian when I was 19. I was at a party and I saw this girl. It wasn't personal or anything, but we did catch each others eye. It was the night before my best friends party for singles. She had it ready and everything, even a sign about it on the clubs bulletin board... Continued

Jessica's Story  
I am 17 years old and growing up I always felt different from others. My good friends were guys and I was a total tomboy. In my sophomore year, I was dating this wonderful guy...but I realized that I had a crush on one of my friends (a girl)... Continued

Jessica's Story  
I went to an all-girls Catholic high school where coming out was unfathomable. In this environment, girls behaved differently than they might have in a coed environment: playing with each other's hair, sitting on each other's laps, linking arms, etc. It was all part of the culture there, so when I did these sort of things with my best friend, I dismissed it as normal... Continued

Joy M's Story
"I was 12 years old when I met Melissa. She was 20. We hung out, knocked over Taco signs (long story), screamed at passersby, went downtown, held parties, and generally were pains in the ass...." Continued

Joy's Story
It was when I was 19, I'm 20 now so it wasn't all that long ago. All through out my life I sort of known that I was a lesbian... Continued

Kati's Story
I have always known that I wasn't like the other girls. I try to make sure I don't "fit in" and be my own person. I had thoughts about other girls when I was in the 5th grade... Continued

Kayla's Story
To be absolutely honest, I didn't come out on my own, I was pretty much dragged out of the closet. I hooked up with a girl that knew a lot more about being a lesbian than I did... Continued

Katy's Story
I was seeing this girl that I went to school with and my mom knew that something was going on but I had never really came right out and told her and then one day my mom called me into the other room... Continued

Magda's Story  
I'm 13 and I've sorta come out. Well... I'd always known I was different. When I was in 4th grade I always had dreams I was the "strong, brave, prince" and I was kissing girls. At first I shrugged it off, and the dreams disappeared... Continued

Makia's Story
I didn't think about being a lesbian or anything like that. I hadn't heard of it, but I did have an attraction to girls... Continued

Manna's Story  
Growing up i was always aroung lesbians, we had 2 living in our basement. My father was always a big influence on me in everything. He got me to listen to melissa etheridge. Then i guess it just took off from there. I always had an attraction to girls, but thiught that it was just a stage i would grow out of. When i was 16, my friends and i would go over to burger king after school almost everyday... Continued

Mari-Elle's Story 
My name is Mari-Elle and I am 17 years old female from Maine.  I don't really know what to talk about but here goes nothing. At first I didn't know what was going on and didn't want to accept that I was a lesbian. I thought that I was going through a phase and that it would go away. It never did...Continued

Martha's Story
Imagine a 24 yrs old single mother living with a guy for 3 yrs already. Always dated guys. Met this girl in school... Continued

MayaLynn's Story
Being a high functioning autistic, I always knew I was different. At 16 I realized how more different I was... Continued

Michah's Story
I think I always knew I was different. The first girl I ever had feelings for was my friend, when I was ten.I tried my best to pretend it was nothing, but when I was twelve I found myself attracted to another girl again... Continued

Michelle's Story
It was my junior year in high school when I first realized I was a lesbian. This girl named Kayla I had been friends with ever since before I was 5. We did everything best friends do... Continued

Missy's Story
I was at the age of 11 when I realized that I had this liking for females. The person that I am I thought as if it was a phase I was going through and who to say that I was going to be this way forever... Continued

Nancy's Story
I never thought that coming out would be this rough. My parents know about me and have came close to disowning me... Continued "Nancy" updates her story

Nemesis's Story
I'm 17 (female), and just came out today. I have always had a slight attraction to other girls, but I thought it was just a phase for the longest time... Continued

Nicole's Story
I was in 8th grade when I guess I "came out". I'd never before had any real inclination that I was attracted to women, so all the questions of "when did you realize..." were completely irrelevant... Continued

Nora's Story
I am married with 2 teenage children. I know I am attracted primarily to women and have known it for about ten years... Continued

Placid's Story  
I'm 18, and I came out to my whole family 5 days ago. I've known that I'm a Lesbain for a few years, but I constanly faught it, the idea of it, the reality of it. I was raised in Zimbabwe (very Anti anything Gay), in a VERY religous household. All my friends made fun of and seemed to hate gay people. (me and my family now lives in New Zealand)... Continued

Princess's Story
I always tried to be straight. I even got married and had children. But that didn't hide the fact that I am attracted to women- attracted to hell- I love them! My family- no my father is homophobic. He always said that gay people should be corralled up and shot. You can imagine the effect this had on me... Continued

Priscilla's Story
I've always felt more comfortable with other girls, maybe because I have 2 sisters of which I am the youngest. Jill was oldest and married when I was 12, but Erin, who is 2 years older, have been close. Growing up together we used to play wedding, I was always the bride who always got kissed. I never thought anything about it. Erin was sort of a tomboy then, but not now... Continued

Rachel's Story  
Since I was three I knew that I was attracted to women, but I never thought anything of it. I am currently 18... Continued

Raeanne's Story
I'm proud that I've come out to four people...including my husband. I hate labeling myself; I am ME, not a word. But everyone likes you to choose, don't they? Therefore, I guess that makes me fit under the label of "bisexual." I love PEOPLE, not a gender, if that makes any sense... Continued

Red's Story
I was 13 when I had my first crush. Her name was Lisa I was going to class, and she was coming down the hall. I though that no one else was even there... Continued

Samanth's Story
I am only really half way out.

I was 12 when I realized I fancied girls, I had boy who I was friends with but I looked at girls my first kiss was with a girl... Continued

Sammo's Story
Well at first I thought my feelings towards girls was just a passing faze but then when it didn't pass I realized that I was a lesbian. My whole coming out story was the worst thing that has ever happened to me... Continued

Sarah's Story
I came out to my friends when I was 15 that I was bisexual. It was really difficult because I go to an all girls school and it is Catholic... Continued

Sasha's Story NEW
I just came out to my best friend a week ago. She is openly bi, and I keep having dreams of taking a shower with her... continued

Sassy Femme's Story
"So do you consider yourselves a lesbian couple now?" That was the question put forth to us by Jill, our friend in CA. This was also the question I'd been asking myself for some time..." Continued

Sharon's Story  
Well, I'm 15, and like a lot of other people I think I had already known that I was attracted to girls. My parents have never sheltered me, and so from a young age I knew all about sex and things of that nature. TV ratings never really mattered to my parents either and so I would watch movies with heavy sexual content. ... Continued

Shirley's Story
I first started noticing that I was different than most girls around fourth or fifth grade; however I dated guys all through high school. I always had this thing about certain girls but never really figured it out until I was about 19 years old... Continued

Sky's Story
At 6, I fell in love. She transferred to another school. At 7, I fell in love. this time I was in love for two years. I fell out of love by nine ... Continued

Slade's Story
I am 49 years old and have been married twice, have been attracted to women always but just ignored it to fit in. I have 3 kids, and about 3 years ago I fell in love with a woman and had an affair, it changed me so much... Continued

Smile's Story
I remember having feelings for girls not only emotionally but physically. I'm 26 now and have know about my sexuality since I was in elementary school... Continued

Smitty's Story
Here I am at 40 falling in love with a female co-worker... Continued

srtagab's Story
This really isn't a coming out as of yet but a realization. All through high school my friends dated but I had no interest in guys. It wasn't until the summer
before my second year of college did I realize I was a lesbian. My friends always talked about this feeling they got when they were around guys. Well I never felt that way... Continued

Stephanie's Story
I have to say that this is not actually a "coming out" story. It is what I have been through TRYING to come out. I have known for longer than I care to admit that I was "different" for lack of a better word... Continued

Summer's Story
"I realized I was lesbian when I was 18. I had no interest in dating period and had started
my way down the path to become a catholic nun. I had decided that the reason I was not interested in men was because God..." Continued

Susan's Story 
Where to begin... O.K. I was 14 and having a sleepover b-day party. A game of truth or dare was going around and I was dared to kiss my friend Rachel. I had done this before, at another party but that was just a peck. So, for 10 seconds, we kissed, tongue and all. Afterward, I just looked at her. We continued the game as if nothing had happend. I dwelled on that kiss for awhile... Continued

Tahnee's Story  
I have been trying to figure out for 12 years now who I was and I finally came in terms with myself last year. I'm 17 years old and i'm bisexual. It was hard at first to come out to people but the first person I came out to was my friend Ashley... Continued

Tidgey's Story
I had school girl crushes on many female teachers while I was growing up, but non of the crushes compared to the love I felt for my University Tutor... Continued

Tracy's Story
I have known since I was in the fist grade that I was different. When I was 15 I had my first
encounter with another girl... Continued

Anonymous Story 1
I knew I was a lesbian around the age of 13 ... which was when my family moved from Chicago to Northern Wisconsin. It was there that I first met the girl I was to love for the next 23 years; Carol. Unfortunately,..." Continued

Anonymous Story 2
I vaguely remember knowing I was different when I was in 2nd grade. But there were no words to describe it..." Continued

Anonymous Story 3
Submitted for your consideration. A coming out of another dimension, a dimension of dysphoria, disclosure and determination. Next stop: gender reassignment..." Continued

Anonymous Story 4
"It all started when I was 13. Yes, 13. It may seem like I was far too young to be 'coming out', but that's beside the point..." Continued

Anonymous Story 5
I was 23 when I realized I was lesbian.... I was going out with this guy and he was totally gorgeous but I couldn't... Continued

Anonymous 7
I can recount sexual experiences with other girls since I was about 7 yrs old. My first was with my cousin who was about 9...

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