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Know Thine Enemies
We know they're out there, we know what they want --- and if we don't watch what they're doing, they're going to succeed.

Addicted to Hate: The Fred Phelps Story
The entire text of a book written about the founder of godhatesfags.com, his family, and the battle to have the work published.

AFA after Campbell's Soup's New Ad
Gays are still good business. Wildmon and the AFA are annoyed. Happy Holidays indeed!

"Dr." Laura
Few folks have inspired so many to write so much about somebody who continuously feels the need to prove she knows so little. Laura Schlessinger is such a person.

Ex-Gay Ads Exposed
Wired Strategies shares some interesting insights into the behind-the-scenes activities of the "ex-gay" ads.

Fred Phelps is no Favorite Son
Topeka, Kansas tries once again to take a stand against hatred and ignorant bigotry by passing an anti-hate resolution. Phelps takes a stand for hate in response.

Hate Mail
We respond to the hate mail we receive.

Religious Right Archives
Keeping an eye on the religious right as only we know how.

Know Thine Enemies: Paul Cameron Collection
Cameron babblings attempting to prove that no part of sexual orientation is innate. We've also got the rebuttals, so get your pencils ready.

Elsewhere Online

AFA on Ellen on Sesame Street
They're annoyed because "their" dollars went to her "agenda."

AFA Takes on American Airlines
Read what they say then make sure AA knows how you feel.

Americans for Truth about Homosexuality
They want Dr. Laura to keep telling it like it is while they expose GLAAD and other demonic organizations.

Americans for Truth on GLAAD
Don't miss their description of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation.

Bard: Everybody's Favorite Phobe
"Bard" of Usenet exposed by his own words.

The Christian Coalition
One of the first to combine against us they're organized and powerful. Keep abreast of their activities

Clinton's Homosexual Agenda
We may not think he's done too much for us but take a look at what the bad guys think.

Colorado For Family Values
The founder of Colorado for Family Values shares his very lengthy two cents on same-gender marriage. (He's against it)

Concerned Women For America
They're apparently not concerned about gay youth suicide terming that fact a "myth."

Cracker Barrel
Want to work for this company? Best not be gay or lesbian.

One man's view of how destructive Ellen's coming out was.

Ellen DeGeneres or Ellen The Degenerate?
The "Hard Core Truth" additionally self-described as, "Criticizes the misleading implications of Ellen DeGeneres' lesbianism. Written from a Christian viewpoint."  

Exodus International
Their doctrinal and policy statement - they want to "liberate" us in the name of God.

Exposing Satanism
The "truth" about Satan, Wicca, New Age, Holidays (they're not happy about Halloween) and, of course, homosexuals.

Family Research Council
If you do nothing more than read the descriptions of their information you'll recognize how dangerous this deranged yet often quoted by mainstream media group is.

Family Research Council
Their report on our propaganda which includes an 800 number so they can pay to hear your view on their view.

Fred Phelps Exposed
A look behind the public persona by Mother Jones. Includes interesting revelations from family members.

Free to Be
A truly frightening site because it takes a lovely concept and pretty pictures and creates an atmosphere which "kindly" attempts to lead, by misleading, questioning youth away from what very well may be their natural orientation.

Laura Wasteland
A tempered anti-Laura site with stories from Laura's callers, and how their questions were turned aside or they were inappropriately chastised. Example: "She didn't even stay on the line to hear why we didn't want children. It's because my husband was exposed to Agent Orange during Viet Nam, and we don't want to risk any birth defects!"

Gay Myths
A collection of myths about us. If you have one to add let me know.

"God Hates Fags"
The best of the worst if you know what I mean.

Homosexual Myths
The author acknowledges that she borrows liberally from "A Strong Delusion: Confronting the "Gay Christian" Movement" as she provides fodder for those who would hate and hurt in the name of religion.

Map of the Religious Right
See where the money is and where it comes from and where it is going. Take two aspirin and shudder.

These folks have some interesting ideas about what "causes" homosexuality and how to avoid it. Absent fathers anybody?

Who's Who of the Religious Right
A nicely compiled list of the individuals behind the various anti-queer movements.

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