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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Aleia

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I am scared shitless. I'm 14 & i'm a bisexual. I've known my whole life. I finally came to terms with it last year, after me and a friend of mine kissed. She had always known too. We're not together or anything, but we're still best friends. I managed to come out to my friends slowly but surely, most of them were ok with it, actually, most of them said I gave them the courage to come out too. I hope that's true. I hope this hell is worth something. I haven't told my family. I couldn't. I'm not sure how my mom would react, she knows about some of my friends, and she doesn't seem to be disgusted by it, but not in the family. My grandma's catholic, and totally out of the question. I feel lost.

I live in a relatively small town in north carolina and just about anythign that can be discriminated against is. My friends and I have our stuff rifled through, stolen, I get hang-up calls at all hours of the night. I'm scared. But, I'm still who I am. At this very moment my best friend (yup the infamous lesbian of fred t. foard and my first girl) are trying to set up a branch of the gsba (gay-straigh-bi-alliance). We've all gone through hell, but we're learning to live with it.

I'm scared. Not of them. Of myself. I doubt anyone'll read this, but if you do, i could use a good talk, or maybe just a cheerful hello. :) I want to know if I'm the only one who's finally unconfused about who I am but confused about what to do now. Why do I feel so..... lost. I want to know who else out there can relate, who wants to talk about this too. I'm bisexual. I am who I am, I accept that, and I hope you do too, don't hide from yourself or others, that hurts worse. Be who you want to be. And help others through this as well.

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