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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Alycia

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I am now 20, I began coming out at the age of 18 when I told my mother that I didn't want to be a guy anymore and I really wanted to be a girl. She wasn't very understanding at first, as I expected... but over time I explained to her that I could not change.

Then she told me that she wanted to see me dressed as a girl to see how I looked. Needless to say, I put the effort in this time to get my look just right. I went into my bedroom as a guy wearing a t-shirt and shorts, and came out as a girl wearing a pink turtle neck sweater, short black skirt, black tights and my knee high boots.

She almost fainted at the time, but then she said that I actually look very nice. I was glad to hear this. She said that we might as well talk about it. So we went to the mall for coffee. I told her that I'd been dressing since the age of 8. She was more amazed that I'd been able to hide this secret for so long. I have since come out to my father and brother, they call me the supermodel of the family now :) had to laugh at that. I am still a guy a lot of the time, including at university, but I'm gradually becoming the full-time girl that i want to be. I have only come out to one of my friends, she is very supportive, and we spend a lot of girl-time together shopping and hanging out.

If any young trans people are reading this, please do yourself a favour and don't hide in the closet until it's too late in your life to do anything about it. There is nothing more enjoyable than being a young girl in today's world.

Thanks for listening

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