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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Anastasia

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Well I started this new school, made tons of friends and over time I developed a huge crush on one of my close friends..well I would think about her day and night, and at times it would get so hard to keep it inside I would just write it down on the piece of paper, everything I felt at that moment and I wrote a letter basically saying 'I wanna hold you in my arms, kiss you' ect *skiping, a year later* I went to spent the night at a friends house and next day i went home and forgot my backpack at her house so she told me she would be bring it to scool tomorrow so i was fine with it, and basically same day my "crush" spent the night at same girls house and few other people were there too. so next day at school I came in kinda early and my friend chrystal was standing in the holl so I came up to her and she just said to me "omg they know" and I said know what and she said they read the letter I went into denile at that point, and even made up a story that she played a joke and put it there but I said no it's fine and waited till they get to school, they did and we basically said hi to eachother and that's it later on I found out they had no idea that i knew that I read the letter and basically they outed me to everyone at school and it was hard at first and i was called every name in the book but I just smilled and laughed through it!...and I never denied it or felt that it was bad or negative and I love being gay! I love loving women! and everyone who thinks it's wrong or unnatural can just mind their own business!!!I love being who I am! and for the longest time I couldn't understand why it's such big deal to people or why some indivudual can think that what makes someone else happy is bad!! i could talk about this forever..sometimes even I say to myself (when my friends talk about guys being pigs or whatever...I don't thik they all are, I love guys just not in that way hehe)"thank goodness i'm not straight" and I know some people might think that's very ignorant , and I'm not saying that gay/bi/les people don't have same problems..just that I dunno sometimes I think that people of same sex can understand each other better!! and some say if I had choice to choose to be gay or not I would never choose to be...I wouldn't wanna be straight..to me honestly it's boaring...well if oyu think about "straight family's" it's husband/wife few kids white picket fence and work work work and that's what they life is all about...and I dunno don't get me wrong straight is good too but gay is better hehe..at least for me!! and I guess I wanted to write this story cause I hear so many stories about how hard and bad it is to be gay or how some wish they weren't!!and i guess my story might be a little different!!cause being gay is the best thing that could have happened to me!!and all the challanges we face as lez/gay/bi people in our society right now...BRING IT ON!!!!!:)
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