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Who knew that 17 would be such a memorable year? I guess you could say that living at boarding school and being gay is hard....(living with a ton of girls while figuring out sexuality, etc.) But it's getting better and easier to cope and accept it. I have only truly come out to three people: myself, my therapist, and a close friend and teacher.

If I had advice about coming out I'd say it's okay to be confused yourself when you tell someone else, but make sure you can trust the person you tell and can imagine that their reaction will be positive and supportive. I knew I could trust the woman I told. Turns out two of her best friends are gay & it greatly helped in allowing me to figure things out. As it turned out she was probably the best one for me to have told. It allowed me to see that all things really do happen for a reason. It was liberating and great, though at first hard, to be able to finally talk to someone about everything. I did not express my confusion verbally though; I wrote it out in a long letter. We were able to talk the day after I gave it to her and I cried pretty much the whole time. But she was great and let me know that she loved me and was there for me and that, if anything, it would only bring us closer. Being able to talk to someone who loves you and will stand by you through everything is of utmost importance. I couldn't have figured things out without this woman(and also the psych I began to see). I think it's important also to keep in mind that telling people when you're not ready is a bad choice. It's sometimes easier to just tell if someone is pressuring you, etc but stay strong and wait until you are ready and sure for yourself. There is no use risking anything if you yourself are not even sure about what is going on.

Remember it's okay to be confused, sad, ashamed, to seek professional help, to be who you are. Everyone is different in some way & everyone experiences change, whether they like it or not. One thing that I have pasted on my desk reads: You Are NOT Alone. Don't forget.

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