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Coming Out Stories Gallery - David

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Well I am 26 now. I knew i was gay pretty much my whole life. But tried the "straight" way through high school even though I know I had no interest in woman. At the time I had no interest in anyone. I wanted to have fun hanging out with friends.

After graduation, I went to community college where I had my first gay experiences. I would meet people on campus an dfool around. NOT SMART! I was terrified to tell any of my family or friends. I did however work with a guy who was bi and I told him that i was bi also. He and I became good friends. Friends only. He was very cute but i was not attracted to him. he was truly just a great guy and friend.

So after Community college. I moved to Tallahassee to go to FSU. Well let the floodgates open. I now live on my own and went really crazy (STUPID AGAIN!!) But after all the crap I met someone.

We started dating in June of 98 when i was 24. He knew i was not out to my parents. His whole family knew he was gay. My friends knew but no one in my family. In June of 99 i moved in with him. My parents thought he was just a friend from work. It was killing me inside not being able to share this wonderful person with my family because I was afraid of how they would react.

Well my parents were coming up for Christmas 99. They were going to stay at a hotel but Christmas was going to be at my house. My sister lives here in Tallahassee and they decided to come to us for Christmas.

I was getting very nervous and one night before Thanksgiving I called my Mom. I was not happy to do this over the phone but felt I did not want to drop this on them during Christmas. So I decided to tell. My Boyfriend and best friend were waiting downstairs to talk about it after i told them. My best friend was making a cheesecake for the aftermath. SHE IS GREAT BY THE WAY!

The phone call was the hardest thing I ever did so far in my life. I was very nervous and when i told my Mom (crying like crazy) the other line fell silent. Then she said "crappy way to tell me" but "i love you" and I am "proud of the person you are...gay or straight". I then had that crying, smiling, and laughing feeling. WE talked and told her about my BF of a year and a half. We got off and then the phone rang again. I knew it was my father. My mother neglected to give him the phone. I was scared about he would take it (afraid he would disown me)and still very upset. He was not at all surprised he said "he knew". He also said that he "loved me and did not care about my sexual preference." My sister also took the new great and did not care.I have a great FAM!

I held this in my heart for so long and did not let my parents share in the great thing I was involved in. My bf and I have been together now for 2 years and 8 months. My folks came up for Christmas (2 times now) and stayed at the "new house we bought" and we had the best Christmas. Mom, Dad, sister, Keith and his family, and me.

I am the happiest I have ever been. Mad at the idiot I was for not doing this a whole lot sooner. I wish all parents and family were as understanding as mine. I have too many friends who family disowned them.

Well i hope I can help someone who has a similiar situation "come out" to the ones they love!

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