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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Eliza

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This is not a coming out story. Somedays i am on the verge of coming out, other days i will stay behind my protective walls until my friends and families suspicions are no longer deniable. I married the man of my dreams only to learn what heartache felt like. After months of social withdrawal, i decided to buy a computer to access the net with. It was there that i met K, a 30 something wife and mother of three, who was restless and wanting to explore her curiousity. I was 24 and this wonderful lady became my best friend, my idol and my lifeline. I was very depressed when i met her and in the space of two weeks she had turned my attitude around. To tell you i was never curious before i met K, would be a lie to myself. Now things in my past had just become a whole lot clearer. Yes, it was a crush i had on my primary school teacher, and no it wasnt just because i loved to hang out with my dad and help him fix motors that i was a bit of a tomboy.

After a couple of months of net chats and hundreds of dollars of mobile phone bills to K, i took the plunge and travelled to see her. We had spoken a lot previous to our meeting about our expectations and our fantasies, so i felt i was ready for the real thing. K and I spent two seperate weekends together, and they are burned in my memory forever. There were no inhibitions, it was so natural, so soft, so intimate and so arrousing. I had never felt this close to anyone. K ended up calling us off, she was finding it hard to live two seperate lives, one as a wife and mother, and another as a lesbian.

Four months later i moved in with a best friend, and again she was older. R is 34 and her 11 year old son lives with us. This is her first lesbian experience, although she was the initiater. I came home one night a little drunk and she made a move on me. We have been blissfully happy ever since. I hear you asking will i come out. Something inside me wants to let the people i care about see who i really am. Something called society is telling me it could be the hardest choice i'll ever make.

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