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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Jessica

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I am 17 years old and growing up I always felt different from others. My good friends were guys and I was a total tomboy. In my sophmore year, I was dating this wonderful guy...but I realized that I had a crush on one of my friends(a girl). She and I became close and I had known for a long time that she was a lesbian. One day my boyfriend asked me if I had feelings for her and I told him that I did. Well, New Year's Eve (in my junior year) we ended up kissing (my boyfriend loved it). It was a wonderful kiss. My boyfriend and I are no longer together but we will be someday, we are both very much in love. I still have strong feelings for my friend. I have only 'come out' to 3 people, my boyfriend, my best friend and the friend that I kissed. My best friend told me that she had always wondered if I was bi, and now she knows for sure. I wouldn't take the kiss back, and I am thinking about asking her on a date. I have always been attracted to women and my ex is! the only man that I've wanted. I don't think that it's wrong...it's just another preference. I don't know if she still wants me anymore, but I hope so. I don't think that I would have sex with her because I have to love someone ALOT for me to give myself to them that way. But I would still like to persue this relationship further. I will probably eventually come out to the world, just not yet. I will tell people who I am close to but some people, it just doesn't matter to me if they know or not.
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