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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Neo

I'm a 20 year old boy from the south of Spain, this is the first time I see this web site and I felt it could be interesting to add my story. Here it goes. I come from a South American family that moved to Spain looking for a better life here in Europe. Anyway, I was born in Spain and I grew up with a more progresist mind than my family's. They've always been catholic and since I can remember I've been hearing bad commentaries aobut gay people from them. I remember I never really felt like the boys of my age, I was a quite boy who liked doing lots of things but playing soccer and not playing soccer in Spain is considered something of queers. I remember having my first sexual encounter being 15, but this first experience did not mean anything to me because I just saw it as something normal of teen boys due to puberty, etc. Anyway, I just forgot it and kept on going out with girls until I was 19 but during that time I felt more lonely than ever in my life. I had friends! who made jokes about queers, girls around me, the soccer team and so on but never ever in my life had I felt so bad, and that was because I knew I was fooling the people by which I was sorrounded, and what was the worst of all:I was fooling myself. That's why I decided to throw it all away and coming out. First, I told my best friend what I was whose reaction was:ok, I respect you, but this will not be the same between you and I because you're a queer(I realized he did not deserve my friendship). Then I told my girlfriend who thought I was kidding but later I made her see I wasn't. Those had been the first two steps in coming out. The third was to tell the rest of the people at the soccer team and the rest of my friends. Some of them accepted it perfectly and told me that the fact of me being gay didn't change anything and some of them just turned away from me and decided not to keep in touch because the believed homosexuality was disgusting. In the last year, I have learned ! who my real friends are, I've met lots of new friends(gay and straight), I've gone out to gay discotheques and I fell really great. Now I don't care about people talking at my back, I don't care about them not wanting to be my friends because I know that real friends don't judge you for who you sleep with but for who and how you are. Everyday I feel prouder of being a homosexual because that's how I was born and that's how I'll die. I think I've almost climbed the entire mountain on my journey to happiness and the last step is my family. I know it'll be hard but it will be worth to tell them. I'm ready for everything, but I think that they will accept me as I am. I hope one day we all can go out on the streets holding hands with our partners, I hope one day we have the same rights heterosexual people have, I hope one day we won't have to go out to homosexual places but to "normal" places, but I do know that that time is quite so let's just keep fighting.
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