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I'm 18, and I came out to my whole family 5 days ago. I've known that I'm a Lesbain for a few years, but I constanly faught it, the idea of it, the reality of it. I was raised in Zimbabwe (very Anti anything Gay), in a VERY religous household. All my friends made fun of and seemed to hate gay people. (me and my family now lives in New Zealand)

The main reason I held back so long on my "coming out" was because of my religion and fear of not being accept by God, for my so called sin that I couldn't fight. My mom had cancer and passed away in Feb 2002, but I made a point of telling her before she passed away, because she was the only one I "needed" acceptance from. Lucky for me, she said she was happy if I was. That was in about December 2001. Once my mom knew it was easy to tell my sister, and she was GREAT about it, she now calls me her little dyke sister (yay!).

I meet the most amazing woman in the world. Her names Emily. And shes now my EVERYTHING! And even though shes not "out" and her family doesn't know, except her sister. I came out without fear to my family because I knew that whatever happened, however they reacted my Emily would stand beside me, and support me if needed.

So I told my family, I got a very mixed response. My dad... well he hasn't said a word to me since I told him. But I expected as much seeing as I hav'nt seen him for over 2 years. My gran was "disapointed" but if I'm happy then shes happy. My youngest aunt, thinks I'm only saying I'm gay to hurt her, and she totally avoids the topic. My oldest aunt thinks I need to go to church more and "sort" myself out with God. The rest of my family have made no comment good or bad on the topic.

I'm much happier now that I'm out, I feel.... amazing!! All my friends knew, it was just my family that were in the dark about my sexuality. I know "coming out" isn't easy for some people, and hey look at me, it took me over 5 years, to accept my feelings, and to finally step out my little closet. And just a little word to all those out there who havn't come out yet.... Do it in your own time, do it for the right reasons, and be at peace with it. Love yourself and accept yourself then others can do the same.

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