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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Priscilla

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I've always felt more comfortable with other girls, maybe because I have 2 sisters of which I am the youngest. Jill was oldest and married when I was 12, but Erin, who is 2 years older, have been close. Growing up together we used to play wedding, I was always the bride who always got kissed. I never thought anything about it. Erin was sort of a tomboy then, but not now.

I used to follow Erin and her friends around; they were the cool ones in school. One night Erin had of a sleep over at our house with 4 of her cheerleader friends. I was 14; mom was out so Erin had to include me. One of her friends, Jennifer, I though was the most beautiful girl in the world. Funny how I never noticed I used to look at girls and not boys even then. Jenny had long golden hair that danced as she walked, eyes as green as summer grass and a body to die for.

I was down stairs watching TV while they were upstairs laughing away, when Jenny came down headed for the kitchen. In silence I watched her, but she caught me. "What are you looking at?" she asked me. Stunned I said nothing. "You were watching me… come on the truth little girl. " she said coming closer. I was turning red. I whispered "yes." Standing in front of me she said "WHY?" I wasn't sure if she was angry or not. "Well, I'm waiting." She said firmly. I mumbled " Because." "I'm still waiting." She said getting closer. "Tell me, now!" I mumbled even lower if possible, " Because you are so pretty. " and started to cry. To my surprise Jenny put her arms around me and said that it was ok. She said she didn't mean to make me cry.

Upstairs the laughter kept going as Jenny sat next to me. I was sobbing now, not knowing why I was saying all this, when Jenny said, "It's ok, I look at girls too and I think you're cute." Her fingers brushed away my tears. I couldn't believe what I was hearing much less feeling. She said, "Truth now, have you ever kissed a girl?" I told her about playing with my sister and she smiled. " Did you ever kiss a boy?" " Yes," I said. My heart was pounding and I couldn't believe I was talking to the most beautiful girl at school like this. Which kiss did you like better?" she asked. "Well I think boys kiss too hard. They hurt my mouth and they are always trying to grab me all over." I said. Strange how I remember all those words today, just as it was that night. She laughed and I thought it was at me. Then she said "Yep, and always in a big hurry too." She turned my face to hers and said, "Well I kiss softly. Want to try" Well she kissed me and touched me like no boy ever did. Right then I was in heaven and knew I would always be with girls.

Jenny taught me a lot and I was a very willing student. She's in college now and we still stay "in touch."

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