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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Robert 2

I guess you could say that I did not come out of the closet I was pulled out. I had always known that I had feelings for guys more than i did for girls.

When my family moved up to North Texas, I was forced to move with them. I made a lot of new friends and a lot of enemies but the friend that sticks out in my mind is my female friend Mae. She was the first person that i really came out to. She was supportive in my decision. At the time her boyfriend was in prison and she had ask him to get me a pen pal with a guy in there. He did find me a pen pal that happen to be bisexual. We started to write each other and all when one day I had left the letter i was going to mail him on the kitchen table. My mother had found it and opened it and read it. The letter had many personal things about man sex and gay items. I was at work when this happen. So when ii get home she confronts me about it. I try not to deny it but in the same time try to stay on here good side. She was about to throw me out of the house when she told me that if I would change and go straight that I could live with the family. At that time with no place to go and! no money in hand, I agreed. She had promised not to tell my father that I liked guys.

About a year later my father found out that I liked guys. He found out in a the most strange way. This happened before we had got a satellite dish. I was boring evening at home and my dad was looking for a few magazines to read to kill the boredom. He knew that I had some "Time" and "Newsweek" back issues in my closet so he took upon himself to go in my room in my closet to get those magazines. Little did he know that in my closet in the same place I had my gay magazines hid also. Well, when he pulled a gay magazine out not the other one he knew that i liked guys also. He did not say a word to me but left all to my mother to get me t either become straight or move out. To bring a story to a close I don't live with my parents but they do love me but do not support my sexual orientation at all. he way my parents view the matter is "Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil."

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