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Coming Out Stories Gallery - Susan

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Where to begin... O.K. I was 14 and having a sleepover b-day party. A game of truth or dare was going around and I was dared to kiss my friend Rachel. I had done this before, at another party but that was just a peck. So, for 10 seconds, we kissed, tongue and all. Afterward, I just looked at her. We continued the game as if nothing had happend. I dwelled on that kiss for awhile. I knew I didn't LIKE Rachel but there was something... something that felt right about kissing a girl. This was Oct. 14th and I dwelled on this for what seem to be forever... until I came out on Oct. 30th at the homecoming dance. i pulled my date and every one of my friends aside and I said, "I'm bi." I was amazed and kinda relieved when 2 of my other friends, including Rachel, had said, "So? Me too." We all laughed and the dance continued. Well, after awhile I met this guy, Bryan. He knew was bi but didn't really want me to act on it. So being the sweet loving, 15 year old girl friend that I was, I tried to put it in the back of my mind. It wasn't easy. I started to fall for my best friend Amanda. She was straight (or was she?) and I was afraid to tell her right away because she had a bf and so did I. Well, Bryan and I eventually broke up. (THAT wasn't pretty. I went to court for a restraining order on him w/ the guy I was seeing behind his back. I know! So sue me.) So we broke up and started to date this guy officialy. His name is Aaron. Well, Aaron had known that I was bi for a few years and didn't care if I acted on it. In fact, he encouraged it. He said I needed to explore. So I did. I finally told Amanda that I liked her and she almost kille herself laughing. That kinda hurt, to see her laugh at that but a week later, I got a letter saying she liked me too. i have been with BOTH Aaron and Amanda ever since.

Aaron - A year and 7 months
Manna - A year and 5 months
I love them both dearly.

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